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Movie Review: Hello

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   22 Dec 2017 1:27 PM GMT
Movie Review: Hello
Movie Review: Hello

Rating: 3/5

Akkineni Akhil, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Jagapathi Babu, Ramya Krishna, Aneesh Kuruvilla, Satya Krishna, Ajay and Others.

Music: Anup Rubens

Cinematography: PS Vinod

Producer: Akkineni Nagarjuna

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Vikram K Kumar

Release Date:
22nd December 2017

The launch pad of Akhil as hero was a bad experience for Akkineni Family. So, Nagarjuna himself took the responsibility of re-launching his Younger Son. He relied on the expertise of Vikram Kumar who proved his mettle with 'Ishq', 'Manam' and '24' for the mission. This crazy project released Today. Let's see whether the Akkineni Scion delivered the success he badly wants at least in the second attempt.


Seenu (Akhil Akkineni) is an Orphan. In his childhood, He meets a Girl by name Junnu (Kalyani Priyadarshan) and they develop a close bond. Whereas, Destiny separates them. While leaving, Junnu offers her phone number to Seenu but he loses it. Thereafter, A rich family adopts Seenu and his life changes completely since then but the search for soulmate never ends. Even Junnu waits for the day she meets her soulmate. How did the two individuals who are made for each other meet & what happens from then forms rest of the tale!


Akhil improved a lot in terms of acting skills when compared to his debut movie. He gave a settled performance. You could see the hardwork put in by him on the screen. He is exceptional in the action sequences. Instead of complex movements, Simple yet graceful dance moves have been preferred this time and he did a great job in this department as well. The only drawback here could be Akhil's expressions in few scenes and he needs to work more on it. One can say it won't be a worry at all as he is only getting better with every new project.

Kalyani Priyadarshan doesn't appear like a regular Heroine. Yet, This Star Kid perfectly fits in the character she has done in her launch pad & does complete justice to it. Ramya Krishna and Jagapathi Babu played their roles to perfection. Ajay's role lacks any speciality. Aneesh Kuruvilla and Satya Krishna are alright.


Lead Pair

Technical Finesse




Slow Pace


Technical Brilliance could be seen in every frame of 'Hello'. Every Technician has given his best output. Songs composed by Anup Rubens & their Picturisation are exceptional. Background Score haunts you even after the completion of the movie. Camera Work by PS Vinod is pleasing to the eyes. Art Work is too good. Production Values are simply superb. Vikram Kumar tried to present an Old Story with a new Screenplay. You could see his signature style at many crucial junctures. He, however, wasn't able to create magic like either 'Ishq' or 'Manam'. The narration is a bit slow. Audience expect much more from a Director of Vikram Kumar's calibre.


Promos of 'Hello' promised haunting Music, breath-taking Cinematography, Edge-of-the-Seat Action Blocks and Lavish Production Values. These are the elements which drew the maximum attention of movie buffs while watching the movie as well. Whereas, It looks like an ordinary film when focused on either story or screenplay. This movie would surely engage the audience till the very end but the magic we expect from Vikram Kumar's film went missing.

'Hello' is a Routine Story has been narrated with a beautiful packaging. It's the best example to say even an ordinary sequence looks much better when there is soulful music, colorful visuals and grand production values. It need no brilliance to say the plot of 'Hello' is similar to 'Manasantha Nuvve' which released a decade ago.

Audience would love some of the beautiful moments in the movie. Whereas, Lack of freshness in the story and the fact that audience doesn't connect with few emotions are the major drawbacks.

Childhood scenes of Hero-Heroine are beautifully picturized but they last for almost half-an-hour and slow narration is gonna be a worry. Rest of the First Half is loaded with Action Sequences which were of Hollywood standards. The entire Second Half is based on the actual story. Scenes of Lead Pair when they meet after several years stood as special attraction. The emotional Climax touches the hearts of the viewers. Few coincidences that were used as per Director's convenience look a bit forced but they are very much acceptable in commercial cinema. Overall, 'Hello' is a movie you could watch with your families but don't expect it to be a classic.

Bottom Line: Hello - Old but Beautiful!