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Review: Hora Hori

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   11 Sep 2015 12:26 PM GMT
Review: Hora Hori
Movie Review: Hora Hori

Rating: 2

Cast: Dileep, Daksha, Chaswa, Raghava, Racha Ravi and Others

Music: Kalyan Konduri

Cinematography: Deepak Bhagavanth

Producer: Damodar Prasad


Release Date: 11th of September, 2015

Directorrn Teja made repeated attempts since the past decade to attain the successrn on par with films such as 'Chitram', 'Nuvvu Nenu' and 'Jayam'. Yet rnagain, He has cast Debutants as Hero/Heroine and confident of hitting rnthe bull's eye with 'Hora Hori'. Did this new product fetch his success rnhe always wanted?


Basavaraj (Chaswa), a rngangster, falls in love with a Police Officer's Sister Mythili (Daksha) rnand kills the person who was supposed to marry her the very next day. rnMythili loses mental balance due to this shock and thereafter she will rnbe sent to a village in Karnataka by her Brother. Here Skanda (Dileep) rnwho runs a Printing Press helps Mythili to lead a normal life again and rnthey fall madly in love with each other. One fine day, Basava visits thern same village and befriends Skanda. Has the two realised they have rnfeelings for the same girl? Whom did Mythili marry in the end?


Tejarn have the knack of extracting the best from Newcomers. However, None of rnthe Young Talent leave a good impact in 'Hora Hori'. The lead pair rnDileep and Daksha have done decent job. While there were hardly few rnclose-up shots of Dileep, Daksha doesn't appear as a heroine material inrn most of the scenes.

It's only the Kannada actor Chaswa who rnplayed the Antagonist role impresses. Actor who was cast in the role of rnHeroine's Brother goes overboard. Comedy Tracks of Jabardasth fame rnRocket Raghava, Racha Ravi and Hero's Assistant are utter rubbish.









Kalyanirn Konduri's Songs & BGM were pretty impressive. 3 out of 5 Songs hit rnthe right chord and Background Score is in perfect sync. Deepak rnBhagavath's Camera Work is laudable, especially the rain song featuring rnthe female lead. Lack of lighting effect have given a new tone to 'Hora rnHori'. Editing could have been crisp and the film appears boring with a rnruntime of upto 160 minutes. Teja is still struck in 'Jayam' mould and rnfails to reinvent himself one more time. Production Values are adequate.


Duringrn the audio launch of 'Hora Hori', Director Teja openly criticized TFI rnfor recycling the same old stories - 'Babu Gari Formula' & 'Gundammarn Formula'. He had even gone to the extent of saying he doesn't like the rn'Jayam Director' tag and 'Hora Hori' can't be compared with 'Jayam'. rnAfter hearing such statements, We get a feeling that Teja might have rnattempted a path-breaking cinema with 'Hora Hori'.

Sadly, 'Hora rnHori' is nothing but a rehash of 'Jayam'. A Weak Hero & A Cruel rnVilliain fighting for a Cute Heroine. Even the Climax will be no rndifferent from what Teja has delivered 10 Years Ago in the form of rn'Jayam'.

Yes, Same Stories have been retold in Tollywood in the rnrecent past. At least, They have an interesting Screenplay and some how rnsucceeded in entertaining the Audience to an extent. In the case of rn'Hora Hori', Teja neither have a fresh story to narrate nor a taut rnscreenplay to keep the viewers hooked to the screens. The only respite rnis that Second Half of 'Hora Hori' is slightly better than First Half rneven though it has the shades of Teja's past works.

Contrary to rnTeja's Love Stories which proceed in a serious mood, Teja dealt some of rnthe key scenes, meant to be serious scenes, of 'Hora Hori' in a funny rnmanner. May be, That's the 'freshness' factor this arrogant filmmaker rnhas been speaking about all these days!

Bottomline: A Remix Version Of Jayam!