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How Did Dinesh Naidu Become Vishwak Sen?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   3 Jun 2023 1:02 PM GMT
How Did Dinesh Naidu Become Vishwak Sen?
Vishwak Sen is one of the bright talents in Tollywood who is going at jet speed. He is making films that are relatable to the current generation of youth and is becoming a successful hero in the Telugu film industry. Currently, Vishwak has 3-4 projects in his hands. His film with director Krishna Chaitanya under the Sithara Entertainments banner is underway right now.

Vishwak Sen is a very catchy name and it became popular among the audience within a very short time. But it is not the hero's real name. His parents named him Dinesh Naidu when he was born and his career started with that name. He made a movie titled 'Vellipomake' with a very low budget but it struggled a lot to hit the screens.

With the movie stuck in the boxes for over two years, he went to a numerologist who stated that there will be no development or recognition with 'Dinesh Naidu' as his name. Apparently, the youngster was suggested three names and with 'Vishwak Sen' being unique and catchy, he fixed on it. Apparently, many asked why he kept a Bengali name like 'Vishwak Sen'.

He said that he wanted to keep that name just for a few weeks and see what happens. But 'Vellipomake' got released within a month and the audition call came for 'Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi' within a few days after that. Vishwak claims that the change in name has changed his fortunes.

He added that one needs patience and never give up attitude in life in order to achieve something big in life. He revealed the secret behind his name like this and this video is currently going viral.