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How Did Hansika Bikini Pics End Up In Internet?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   24 Jan 2019 4:03 PM GMT
How Did Hansika Bikini Pics End Up In Internet?
Hansika Motwani's Calvin Klein bikini pics have become huge on Internet and they are trending on social media, as well.

The actress did say that some one hacked her phone and her backend team is working on nullifying the effect.

Actually, during her trip to Croatia, she wore Overall suit over the bikini and shared the pics on social media too.

The date traces to July 2018 and you can see the photos she shared online, here. She might have taken her photos in bikini separately.

And saved them on her phone, to save them as a memory. Somehow someone from her friends or in social circle might have got hold of them and released online.

Why did they do so? We can speculate 100's of scenarios and possibilities but only Hansika and person who did it know the reason behind it better than any of her speculations!