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Movie Review: Jawaan

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   1 Dec 2017 10:09 AM GMT
Movie Review: Jawaan
Movie Review: Jawaan

Rating: 2.75/5

Cast: Sai Dharam Tej, Mehreen Kaur, Prasanna, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Jayaprakash, Subbaraju, Eshwari Rao, Nagababu, Satyam Rajesh, Aneesh Kuruvilla & Others.

Music: SS Thaman

Cinematography: KV Guhan

Producer: Krishna

Story, Screenplay & Direction: BVS Ravi

Release Date: 1st of December 2017

Inspite of delivering two flops in a row, Sai Dharam Tej took the risk of working with BVS Ravi who had a bitter experience with 'Wanted'. Promos of 'Jawaan' appeared impressive and different from what Tej has done so far. Has the risk taken by Mega Hero paid off well?


Jai (Sai Dharam Tej) is a Youth who believes Country is greater than Family. He aspires to be a member of DRDO Organization to serve the nation. On the other hand, Keshava (Prasanna) who is Jai's Schoolmate & Childhood Friend is someone who won't hesitate to harm the nation for the sake of money. He joins hands with Terrorists to rob the new Missile developed by DRDO. That's when Jai obstructs the robbery and this leads to a fight with Keshava for the Missile. Who among the two wins the battle forms rest of the tale!


Makeover of Sai Dharam Tej in 'Jawaan' is worth mentioning. He tried a new look and improved a lot in terms of acting abilities. This is undoubtedly his best performance till date. The maturity he has shown and some clap-worthy dances will be appreciated by movie lovers.

The role of the Antagonist isn't so special but one can't point fingers at Prasanna as he too has given a sincere performance. Particularly, The Tamil Actor has got a good screen presence.

Mehreen Kaur does a fine job. She is a treat to watch in 'Bugganchuna..' song and did justice to the bubbly role. Kota Srinivasa Rao, Subba Raju, Jayaprakash, Nagababu and others have done justice to their characters.


Concept based on Patriotism

Sai Dharam Tej

Mehreen's Glamour



DRDO Set-up

Villain's role



Music composed by SS Thaman is an asset to 'Jawaan'. While Songs have been good, Background Score is pretty impressive and it's one of best in his career. A lot of scenes have been elevated because of his terrific composition. KV Guhan's Camera Work is flawless. Production Values are good. Director BVS Ravi manages to show the spark in him with hero's characterization and few dialogues related to patriotism. Mind Game of Hero-Villain should have more gripping. 'Jawaan' would have been a memorable film had if Climax was much better.


'Jawaan' is about the clash of ideologies between Two People who choose different paths. While Protagonist prefers Nation over Family any day, Antagonist only cares about Money not the country. That's why this Sai Dharam Tej-starrer looks a bit different from regular commercial films. But, That doesn't mean it's completely out of the box movie. We get reminded of films such as 'Thuppakki', 'Dhruva' and 'Enthavaadu Gaanie' while watching this movie. Though it's gripping for most of the time, Viewers will have the feeling of watching an ordinary film because of the same reason.

Enough commercial ingredients were added to 'Jawaan' though utmost sincerity was shown in presenting the subject & hero's characterization. These elements hurt the flow of the movie and kept distracting the attention of viewer from the serious issue. Songs had been like speed breakers though masses will appreciate the glamour show & dances. The overall impact could have been better had if Makers focussed only on the cat n mouse game between the Hero & Villain.

With a run time of 135 minutes, 'Jawaan' is mostly engaging and doesn't make the viewers feel bore. The characterization of hero is the USP of this project & Sai Dharam Tej has played the role of a patriotic person to perfection. Sincerity and Commitment of protagonist towards the Nation has been presented well. Even the conflict between Hero & Villain arouses curiosity.

First Half of 'Jawaan' is pleasing to watch. Whereas, The mind game between the hero and villain in Second Half doesn't live up to the expectations. After a point, Villain's role hardly makes any impact. The sequence in which Hero finds out the cruel intention of Villain didn't click well. Even Climax doesn't excite much. Audience can't digest if the ending of a thriller is so simple & they expect more brilliance from the Director towards the end. Even the DRDO set-up wasn't showcased effectively. Overall, 'Jawaan' is a much better outing from Tej & BVS Ravi when compared to their previous flicks.

Bottom Line: Jawaan - Just Okay Thriller!