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Liger Protest Twist, Charmy's Promise?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   19 May 2023 10:17 AM GMT
Liger Protest Twist, Charmys Promise?
Liger, one of the recent box office disappointments, faced not only immense criticism but also became embroiled in controversy as exhibitors demanded compensation for their incurred losses.

Shortly after the theatrical run ended, buyers and exhibitors raised their voices for reimbursement, but Charmme and Puri Jagannath remained unresponsive. Matters escalated when exhibitors filed a case against Puri Jagannath after an alleged leaked phone call revealed a warning from the filmmaker.

Subsequently, updates were scarce, until now. In a recent development, it is reported that Puri Jagannath and Charmme have reached a compromise after the film chamber intervened to resolve the issue.

Charmme supposedly sent an email to the film chamber, expressing a willingness to settle with the exhibitors and take responsibility for the losses incurred. The protesting buyers and exhibitors have now ended their demonstration, with hopes that Puri and Charmme will address their concerns.

Additionally, some exhibitors reportedly experienced deteriorating health during the protest, prompting the conclusion of the demonstration for their well-being. The resolution of this matter now rests on how Puri and Charmme proceed in fulfilling their commitment to settle the issue.