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List and meaning of Kiliki Dialogues by Kalakeya

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   26 July 2015 10:45 AM GMT
List and meaning of Kiliki Dialogues by Kalakeya
Baahubali film had many specialities and what impressed many is the new language that was used in film. It was one spoken by the warrior hordes headed by warlord Kalakeya - has been garnering some attention since the film's release.

The language, named as 'Kiliki', was unusual and was never heard before and immediately drew all the attention. Popular Tamil lyricist and dialogue writer, Madhan Karky, is the man who invented the language.

Following dialogues of Kalakeya are widely circulating in social media and went on viral.

Nimmddaa... Gojrass thelmii..

Aardha bhos.. Kkraakvikana Bhhumle..


Unu Kaasthaa..peezzraaa..

RoopuveeMinn.. Bahathhee

Zarathraamaa mahashmathee..




Here are a few sentences in English and their translation in Kiliki, provided by Karky:


English: He should be alive.

Kiliki: Ta beet-qruvool dunkra.


English: Is it true?

Kiliki: Loursha-quay?


English: Drop your weapons in the field and run away.

Kiliki: Nim*kle gadeetvoo*tta corota-jra reyy... fuhoo*kle.

(* denotes the click sound for either plural or possessive, as per the context)


English: Can you give me a cup of water?

Kiliki: Nim shweek min surrp unoa dhab saasslaa finhee-quay?


English: Don't talk like a fool.

Kiliki: Dambadamba jivla baahaa-na.