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Mahesh Fans Trolled And Abused Shobitha Dhulipala

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   8 Aug 2018 10:08 AM GMT
Mahesh Fans Trolled And Abused Shobitha Dhulipala
In South Film Industry, even his actors have egos or not, fans definitely take pride in showing off their ego. Many fans declare their love for an actor by avusng the other and if you come in the crossfire then, May God bless you!

Shobitha Dhulipala had to learn this the hard way. When we don't have much ralation with any person, we just say Thank you, when they praise us and it is taken in good vibes only by all.

But fans or fanatics of Stars take it on their ego and abuse others by saying that they disrespected their star.

Shobitha just quoted Mahesh's tweet praising Goodachari and said, "Thank You!"

For that many fans felt like an abuse. They lectured to her on how big Mahesh as a star is and how small she is to not add a Sir or Garu or Superstar after Thank you.

Well, dear fans, there is a no disrespect in addressing a tweet with a thank you and sharing it. The real disrespect towards our favourite stars lies in abusing others and earning a name that the so called actor fans are abusive and disrespectful.

This will bring down the name of star and the person on the other side becomes a victim. Kathi Mahesh and many others gave live examples on how fanaticism can make others huge celebrities, still fans seems to never learn!