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'Malli Pelli' Movie Review

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   26 May 2023 11:59 PM GMT
Malli Pelli Movie Review
'Malli Pelli' Movie Review!

Cast: Naresh, Pavitra Lokesh, Vanitha Vijaykumar, Jayasudha, Sarath Babu, Annapurnamma and others

Music: Suresh Bobbili - Arul Dev

Cinematography: Bal Reddy

Producer: Naresh

Writer - Director: MS Raju

After impressing as a hero in the 80s, Naresh has been doing character roles for the past 25 years. But he has turned into a hero once again for a movie titled 'Malli Pelli' and he produced it too. Veteran producer MS Raju who turned into a director over the past decade has handled the megaphone. Looking at the promos, one gets a feeling that it is based on Naresh's real life and let us see how 'Malli Pelli' turned out.


Narendar (Naresh) is a senior actor in Telugu and he has a great name in the industry. He owns hundreds of crores but his life lacks peace due to his wife who keeps tormenting him. In such a time, he falls in love with Parvati (Pavitra Lokesh) who is his co-actor. She is already married and has two kids. She struggles to come out of the family ties and she gets close to Narendar. What situations does this couple face? Will their love win? Answers to these questions form the rest of the story.


Naresh is not a big star and he stopped playing lead roles in the 90s and stuck to character roles. Who will watch him if becomes a hero again? But the film he did as a hero has grabbed the attention of the public. The reason for it is the real life story of Naresh and Pavitra having a striking resemblance to what is shown in 'Malli Pelli' promotions. With Pravitra Lokesh who is in a relationship with Naresh playing the female lead in the movie, it gained even more reaction from the public. Naresh usually looks like a very interesting character in real life. His live-in relationship with Pavitra Lokesh at this old age has created a lot of interest among the people as they wanted to know how it all started, what happened and how it is going right now. They even wanted to know his issues with his third wife. It would have been enough if Naresh had held a press meet or organised an interview where he revealed everything. But Naresh went ahead and made a full-length movie about it. That is 'Malli Pelli'. Whenever the media asked, Naresh, Pavitra and even MS Raju did not give an exact answer. They even said that they are targeting no one in this movie but everything got very clear within the first five minutes of the movie. This is a complete propaganda film which showcases the story from the side of Naresh and Pavitra alone. It shed a positive light on them while showing the others in a completely negative manner. It is not a neutral movie at all. We are no one to judge who is right and who is wrong in Naresh-Pavitra's story. But the movie showcased them as saints while their partners are devils. People who admire Naresh and those who think what is shown on the screen is correct might connect with it but it is a complete propaganda movie for others. We get a feeling that we are watching a big serial due to the proceedings but we don't get a feeling that it is a movie at all.

It is not new to make a movie on real life stories or personalities. Biopic genre is very popular among the movie lovers. But there needs to be something interesting, engaging and inspiring in their loves which will impress the audience. But 'Malli Pelli' has none of them and content is something that we want to see on the big screen. Naresh claims that he is worth hundreds of crores in the movie and he tried to say whatever he want about himself in this version of the real life story. With the story being completely one-sided right from the beginning, the interest dies away very soon and we get presented something different from what have seen in the real world. Also, Naresh and Pavitra goes on giving their version one after the other which tests the patience of the audience after a certain point. Barring the one scene where Naresh goes to Pavitra's house and teaches her husband a lesson, there is no other interesting scene in the movie. No matter how much curiosity you have about Naresh and Pavitra's real relationship, watching a hundred and thirty-five minutes movie on that requires a lot of courage and patience.


Basically, Naresh is a great actor who gets into the skin of every given character. He doesn't let his image come as a hurdle. But 'Malli Pelli' is based on his life story which is why his real image did not let him act naturally on the screen. We are more interested in what happens in Naresh's life rather than seeing what is Narendar doing onscreen. He tried to project him as a perfect man way too much which creates a lot of doubt among the audience. He performance is okay. Compared to Naresh, Pavitra's character and her acting looks more natural. Her screen presence is good and Jayasudha who played the role of Vijaya Nirmala is decent but she is young to become Naresh's mother onscreen. Sarath Babu was okay as superstar Krishna in a few scenes. Annapurnamma did a fine job while Vanitha Vijay Kumar did wonderfully as Naresh's third way. She played the role of sadistic wife very well but her character was shown purposefully in a negative manner. The same happened with Pavitra's husband's character.


This is not a movie that should be discussed about the technical aspects. Suresh Bobbili and Arul Dev's music is just okay as none of them get registered. The background score is passable. The cinematography is not that great and the production values are strictly okay. There is nothing special to talk about MS Raju. The film is nowhere close to the comments he made. He said that it is a bold and sensational film but 'Malli Pelli' does not belong to that category. This is a film that presents Naresh and Pavitra's version of what happened in real life.

Verdict: 'Malli Pelli' - Real Life Story Turned Into A Reel Life Serial!

Rating: 2/5