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What Is Stopping TV Channels Frm Buying RX100?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   23 Aug 2018 7:33 AM GMT
What Is Stopping TV Channels Frm Buying RX100?
Many trade pundits forecasted that Ajay Bhupathi's film will be a huge hit even on satellite circuit and digital video distribution looking at its theatrical run.

But the situation in reality is quite contrary. The movie digital rights have been sold without any problem but satellite rights are still a mystery.

Even Goodachari is unable to solve his own mystery of why Satellite channels are not interest in his film and also, Chi La Sow.

These three films have been the successful films at theatres in July-August period before Geetha Govindam ruthlessly ripped them all of their remaining possible run at box office.

The movie satellite rights and digital rights have also gone for huge amounts it seems. But what happened the other three?

In case of RX100, channels are not showing interest because they either have to re-censor the film for U/A and also edit lot of important scenes that youth have connected to. TRP's are ruled majorly by women as gents and youth are more inclined to watch their favourite shows and films on digital platforms these days.

So, a film like RX100 that is too sensitive for women may not excite them for repeat viewing. Any broadcaster before investing in a film, looks at box office performance and also takes in the demographic of audience they have to cater to in consideration.

In such situation, RX100 might attract youth but they will troll channels hard like they did during Arjun Reddy.

The cases of Goodachari and Chi La Sow, is similar. Producers are hoping for better prices but channels don't want to invest so much as they don't have enough star value to recover the money from repeat telecasts.

Even Sammohanam had similar problems but Eenadu Television Network bought the rights after long discussions.

For all the makers who believe either Satellite or Digital can recover their costs even if their film fail, this is the harsh reality of the market, today!