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Mumbai girl goes Beg Borrow Steal in Madhya Pradesh

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   9 March 2013 10:05 AM GMT
Tired and exhausted, Angira Dhar was busy selling vegetables on a summer afternoon at a crowded marketplace here. She isn't a struggling local, but the latest host of the tenth season of reality show "Beg Borrow Steal".

The show, where one person is given a chance to survive with minimal means at a new location every season, is aired on Bindass. The new season will begin March 29.

This year, the show is set in Madhya Pradesh. For Mumbai girl Angira, selling vegetables was one of the 13 tasks that she had to perform to win the show. Quite an experience, she says!

"I am here in Madhya Pradesh since the last three weeks. I have been travelling across the length and breadth of Madhya Pradesh along with the crew," said Angira, adding that "so far I have done tasks like climbing wooden ladders, jumping into the well, hitchhiking, and selling clothes and accessories."

The show is tough, but she took it up because she loves travelling.

"I agreed to it because I love travelling. Also the show producer and director are good friends to me. It's my first time in Madhya Pradesh and I am enjoying the stay. Though the the tasks given are tough and require both mental and physical efforts, it is also fun to be here. People are warm and welcoming."

It is Angira's debut TV project. However, she has earlier worked as an assistant director with corporate ad filmkaers.

She admits "I am more into directing", but "now that I am doing a TV show, I would love to do more of TV and films." But saas-bahu sagas are a total no-no for her.

"I am now open to do more of reality and travel shows and I would never do a saas-bahu sagas. In this show, I am the only participant. I do tasks and earn money. It's not like other reality shows where people just quarrel and shout all the time," she added.

The past nine seasons of "Beg Borrow Steal" were hosted by anchor Aaliyah Khan. Watching her has been a learning experience for Angira.

"I used to follow the show. Aaliyah has been a great host. She did tasks well. I haven't met her, but watching the show helped me learn the tricks. I would not compare myself with her, but I would definitely try to do the best," said the enthusiastic girl.

The newbie believes being a part of the show has made her patient, calm and composed.

"I am very impatient otherwise. But the show taught me to be patient and strong-minded. It helps in tasks," she said.