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My link-up is just a RUMOUR: Ram Charan

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   26 Oct 2014 12:34 PM GMT

It is known that Ram Charan was alleged linked to his debut flick 'Chirutha' co-star Neha Sharma and the reports of their secret marriage went viral. The actor himself gives a clarification on that buzz in a recent interview.

When asked about the link-up rumors, Ram Charan replied, "Even, I was shocked to hear something like that about Me. Its just a rumor! I came to know how gossip columns would be from that incident. As Dad and Mom knew about Me, They asked me not to bother about such rumors. Even My Friends have reacted the same way."

To the query 'Did Upasana ever question you about Heroines?', Mega Hero explained Upasana is one of his closest friends at that point of time and she too knew there was nothing of that sort. "May be, Upasana might have asked me to clarify if the rumor is true or not had if we aren't close by then. Its the responsibility of heroes to give that kind of confidence to their life partners," he told.