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Nani came to sets drunk!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   17 July 2017 1:32 PM GMT
Nani came to sets drunk!
Actor Nani is revered as Natural Star and also very decent human being with some principles. He never been part of any controversies and he tried to keep it at that all these years. Recently, he tried to correct one of his fans on Twitter and except for that, nothing has been reported against the actor in media so far.

But for his recent movie, Ninnu Kori, the actor reported on sets drunk and this has created a lot of curiosity among his fans and well-wishers. What happened to the actor? Why he resorted to drinking on sets? Well, writer-producer, Kona Venkat explained that during a scene shoot in US, the actor had to drink alcohol so that he can stay warm and act in the scene.

Also, the scene required him to be drunk in the character and the actor due to the temperature being less than 0 degrees celsius Nani, consumed a full bottle of alcohol and shot that scene. He did so, on the advice of Kona Venkat and the writer praised him for being method and natural for the scene.