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Neglecting Telugu Language, Adipurush's Disappointing Promotion

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   4 Jun 2023 10:38 AM GMT
Neglecting Telugu Language, Adipurushs Disappointing Promotion
The upcoming epic film "Aadipurush," starring Prabhas and Kriti Sanon, has been garnering attention in the Telugu circuit due to widespread remarks about incorrect spelling of Telugu lines in promotional tweets.

Despite appeals, it seems that these concerns have been overlooked. Fans have noticed that in most of the promotional tweets for the film, whether it be lyrics or captions, the Telugu lines are consistently misspelled.

Even a recent tweet by director Om Raut contained a spelling mistake in the lines: "శక్తివంతులం.. భక్తివంతులం." Many attribute these mistakes to the lack of understanding of Telugu by Bollywood promotion designers, who are disregarding the errors and posting them as is.

With a budget of nearly ₹500 crores, it is surprising that they cannot invest a few bucks to ensure that Telugu lines are accurately written in their promotional material.

The use of Google Translate has been criticized, leading to concerns about whether proper care has been taken for the Telugu dubbing. Such negligence could significantly impact Prabhas' popularity in the local market.