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Nivetha Thomas In The Firing Line For Her Act

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   9 Sep 2021 12:00 PM GMT
Nivetha Thomas In The Firing Line For Her Act
Young and talented actress Nivetha Thomas scored a blockbuster earlier this year with Pawan Kalyan's Vakeel Saab. She delivered a fine performance in the film and managed to gain the attention of Telugu filmmakers. She has lined up a couple of other interesting projects now and more details about the same will be out very soon. Coming to the topic, Nivetha is now in the firing line for sharing a seemingly controversial video. In the video, Nivetha is seen milking a cow. She captioned it "Joy". Animal lovers and animal welfare activists took offense to Nivetha's act and are calling her out for what they say is "animal cruelty".

A young animal welfare activist named Deepsi Peela was quoted saying The Times of India "Given that Nivetha is a feminist, I thought she would speak up for these chained animals instead of milking them! Being a woman, exploiting another female, even if it's of another species, is just heinous. We have no right to profit off the body of another being, especially after it has gone through sexual exploitation to keep getting impregnated just to provide humans with milk."

Deepsi went on to say that "Dairy and beef industry are the leading causes of climate change and animal exploitation. And let's not forget how unhealthy it is for human consumption. Supporting such an industry on such a huge platform is irresponsible. Just like some films glamourise problematic, misogynistic tropes, Nivetha is glamourising the meat and dairy industry with such a video. Milking a chained-up cow and making a cup of coffee is not the desi accomplishment she seems to think it is."

Nivetha Thomas certainly wouldn't have expected such an outrage for her act and she has decided not to react to the same. The actress didn't share any post on Instagram after the one in the discussion which would be an indication that she has acknowledged the stern backlash she is receiving for what she believed was a simple act. It remains to be seen if the young actress will ever react to the meaningful criticism she is facing. More details are awaited.