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Amazon Prime, Netfliix Turn Money Spinners For Tollywood

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   2 July 2018 1:15 PM GMT
Amazon Prime, Netfliix Turn Money Spinners For Tollywood
It happened in Hollywood almost 15 years ago. It began catching up in the Bollywood five years ago. Now, it's threatening to invade the Tollywood now. Yes. The latest trend in the film world is that more and more producers are finding the digital distribution of films through Video-on-demand platforms like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Sunnext and Netflix attractive. The producers are finding satellite distribution rights not as attractive as the VOD mode. As a result, the films are getting more money from VOD platforms like Amazon Prime. In many cases, Amazon Prime and Netflix are streaming movies even before the satellite channels broadcast and thus rob the satellite channels of the novelty factor.

Even the window ticketing system is suffering in case of some mid-budget films. The producers too are finding this an attractive proposition. It all started with Ghazi. The digital rights of the film were sold for a whopping Rs 10.5 crore to Amazon Prime. Since then, most producers have delinked digital rights from satellite rights. Even Nela Ticket's satellite, digital and dubbing rights were sold for a staggering Rs 24 crore. A major part of this amount is for the digital rights. The producers are now laughing all the way to their money banks.