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Pic Of The Day: Dead Blue Whale at Mumbai Beach!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   27 Jun 2015 7:49 AM GMT
Pic Of The Day: Dead Blue Whale at Mumbai Beach!
A Blue Whale which is known to be World's largest animal died 18 hours after it had washed ashore at the Revdanda beach in Maharashtra.

On Wednesday at 10 AM, The 42-feet female Blue Whale was spotted on the shores of the beach. Even though locals have passed the information, Authorities have no clue what to do as they don't have the necessary equipment to handle such a situation.

Officials of Coast Guard, Wildlife and District Administration made all attempts to send the Blue Whale back into the sea but the huge weight of the mammal made it impossible. Due to breathing issues, It died at around 4 AM on Thursday. Postmortem couldn't be held due to lack of such expertise but tissue samples were collected to understand why it has come close to the shore.

Experts say, The Blue Whale might have stayed close to the coast an an injury or disease affected its navigational sense.