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Talk-of-town: Prabhas Mahindra ad

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   4 Sep 2015 11:57 AM GMT
Talk-of-town: Prabhas Mahindra ad
In fact, Prabhas became a national star after the release of Baahubali and he’s continuing that charm. That won him couple of nation wide advertisement assignments too.

Shooting videos of Prabhas Mahindra scorpio ad are now going viral on the web. Every single frame are involved with heavy visual effects and bulk action if we have to make any comments. With highly octane Baahubali star in place, it seems like Mahindra wants to make most of Mahendra Baahubali. For the new SUV named TUV 3000, Prabhas is roped in as Mahindra’s brand ambassador. Soon the commercial will go air.