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Ram Gopal Varma continues his strange Valentine's Day tradition

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   14 Feb 2022 6:08 AM GMT
Ram Gopal Varma continues his strange Valentines Day tradition
Ram Gopal Varma and Valentine's Day are two completely contrasting enigmas. The same can be understood if we take a look at Varma's latest social media feed which he shared on the occasion of Valentine's Day. The controversial filmmaker went on to make a series of highly intriguing comments in the context of Valentine's Day.

"Am not going to say HAPPY VALENTINES DAY because VALENTINE does a bad job of keeping lovers united ..The amount of break ups is the proof of that. My advise to all lovers who are planning to break up is to wait till tonite to first get ur Valentine gift. The best thing for lovers is for free ..but the gifts that have to be given before that are EXPENSIVE.. #UnhappyValentinesDay. Love at first sight is fine, but it’s wise to take a 2nd look or even better a 3rd look #UnhappyValentinesDay" Varma tweeted.

Varma has the habit os sharing strange tweeted through which he ridicules the idea of Valentine's Day and he is doing the same now this time around as well. He has used the hashtag #UnhappyValentinesDay

"The brain stops working when u fall in love..That’s the reason most lovers become dumb #UnhappyValentinesDay. It’s best to love yourself ..No point in trusting someone else to do it for you. One will only love you until one finds someone else to love more than you. Heart should just do it’s job of pumping blood and not get involved in unnecessary things like love. True love is possible only with kids and dogs because they can be handled without becoming a pain. Loving with the brain is the best form because loving with the heart is unpredictable and prone to give you attacks. A girl should never trust a guy who says “ I love you with my heart” because he is not telling the truth about his other organs." Varma tweeted.

"When a guy gives a girl, a cheap costing gift and says “ it’s not the gift, it’s the thought behind” ,what’s behind the thought is that either he doesn’t have the money or he is miserly. Unlike the dumbos who fall in love with only one , a wise one will fall in love with many before deciding on which one is the best" he added.