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RGV confuses everyone with his tweet!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   8 Jan 2022 11:48 AM GMT
RGV confuses everyone with his tweet!
The current sensation movie ticket prices row in Andhra Pradesh had already gone through a few major twists and turns. In a development that no one would have expected, director Ram Gopal Varma entered the scene and has been taking potshots at the Andhra Pradesh government.

RGV, who has been making a few interesting tweets on the sensitive issue, has done it yet again. Taking to his Twitter handle, Ram Gopal Varma had spoken about the tickets of other events that fall under the category of entertainment.

Without taking any names, Ram Gopal Varma said, how films fall under entertainment, other programs like theme parks, music concerts, magic shows, and others also fall under the entertainment category, but the government doesn't fix the ticket prices for these programs.

The question that arises here is, whether Ram Gopal Varma is targeting the Andhra Pradesh government over the tickets issue or is he pushing the industry into deep troubles with his tweet.

"For ur kind info like films, theme parks , music concerts , magic shows etc etc also come under entertainment enterprises Their ticket prices also are not fixed by the government," RGV's tweet reads.

In another tweet, Ram Gopal Varma reacted to the trolls against him by a Facebook page. Sharing the meme made on him, the director said, the question asked by him is under the legal jurisdiction, but the examples these people are giving are in criminal aspects.