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'Satti Gaani Rendekaraalu' (OTT): Review

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   27 May 2023 12:32 PM GMT
Satti Gaani Rendekaraalu (OTT): Review
'Satti Gaani Rendekaraalu' (OTT): Review

Cast: Jagadish Pratap, Vennela Kishore, Raj Tarindasu, Mohana Sree, Anisa Dama, Bithiri Sathi, Vamsidhar Goud and others

Music: Jai Krish

Cinematography: Vishwanath Reddy

Producer: Y Ravi Shankar - Naveen Yerneni

Writer – Editor - Director: Abhinav Danda

'Pushpa' fame Jagadish Pratap turned lead actor and made 'Sathi Gaadi Rendekaralu'. With Mythri Movie Makers producing it, the hype increased on this project and it is now streaming on 'Aha'. With decent buzz around it, let us see how this project turned out.


Sathi (Jagadish Pratap Bandari) is an auto trolly driver in Kolluru village. He looks after his wife and two kids with his job and two acres of land. With his kid falling sick and needing a heart operation, he is left with no other option except to sell his land. But Sathi's grandfather teaches him at a young age that he shouldn't sell that land at any cost. Sarpanch tries to buy the land from Sathi. At this point in time, Sathi sees a car accident and he sees a suitcase in it. He takes it and escapes from there. He takes the help of his friend Anji (Raj Tiramdasu) to know what is in the suitcase. In the meanwhile, Vennela Kishore arrives to get the suitcase and some other person keeps ordering him. Knowing about the car accident, the area SI (Bithiri Sathi) starts investigating the case. What is in that suitcase? Did Sathi get out of his troubles? What happens to his land? All these forms the crux of the story.


After the arrival of digital platforms, the makers got confident about showcasing all kinds of stories to the audience. While some of them are impressing the viewers, the others disappoint. The latest offering 'Sathigaadi Rendekaralu Chapter 1' from 'Aha' has failed to reach the expected levels.

We have seen a lot of stories where the main character is in trouble and he takes one wrong step to get out of his problems but ends up getting in a more risky business. But 'Sathigaadi Rendekaralu' starts with his daughter's heart operation and ends up going to diamond smuggling. In the two hours long film, the first hour is spent on creating suspense over the suitcase and focused on how to sell what is inside of it in the latter half.

Though the director scores decent marks in taking, the slow narration is the film's biggest minus point. Though the movie entirely revolves around Sathi's character, it fails to engage the audience. Vennela Kishore tried to inject a bit of fun in the movie and he was party successful as well but the police ignoring him despite burning the accident car with petrol is very unconvincing.

The scenes between the lead pair, the scenes between Anji and Sarpanch's daughter, and a few other touching scenes are some of the standout moments. With director Abhinav showcasing his writing skills in the opening scene itself, the audience expect a lot from the movie but it is not the case. The movie runs at a snail's pace throughout the movie. There are some sequences that are quite predictable as well. The movie runs like a comedy entertainer and the pace would have been a bit quicker. The entire movie runs with a single concept. Sathi's problems, Vennela Kishore's suitcase search, the entire diamond business and all are not showcased in an engaging manner.

The ending of 'Sathi Gaadi Rendekaralu' too doesn't impress you. Sathi gives half of the diamond stones in a color box to his friends and keeps the other half in the fish aquarium he made. This is why his son is showcased as catching fish in the lake. The director who showed this amount of detailing has forgotten to narrate the story at a good pace.


Jagadish Pratapa was terrific as Sathi. He impresses heavily in the role of a middle-class man who is tied with the responsibilities of family and the way he tries to go to any length for his family is wonderful. He surprised a lot of people with 'Pushpa' but his Sathi character shows another layer to his acting. After him, Raj who did Anji's character did complete justice. Muralidhar Goud who has become busy these days too amazes as the Sarpanch. Vennela Kishore got a scope to perform this time rather than churning out punchlines this time. He proved his class once again but he was not completely utilised in the movie. Bithiri Sathi was interesting in a variety police role and his wife did a fantastic job. Anisha Dama was okay and the kid who played the role of Jagadish's son stunned everyone with his dialogues.


Jai Krish gave the music for 'Sathi Gaadi Rendekaralu' and he could have given an even better output. Vishwanath Reddy's cinematography is good and Mythri Movie Makers spent what was needed for this movie. It is appreciable that such a big production houses that spends hundreds of crores on star hero films are ready to encourage small projects too. But the visuals look a bit below their standard this time. Abhinav gets good marks for his taking but this narration went off track at times and was too slow on many occasions. He failed to deliver a good output due to it.

Verdict: 'Sathi Gaadi Rendekaralu' - Dragged Unnecessarily!