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Who Asked Sri Reddy To Romance Mirror?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   13 July 2018 8:05 AM GMT
Who Asked Sri Reddy To Romance Mirror?
Sri Reddy began targeting Kollywood Celebrities after making sensational allegations against Tollywood Stars & Directors. Couple of days ago, She accused Director Murugadoss of not fulfilling his promise given to her even after they both had a lot of '…'.

Yesterday, Sri Reddy disclosed she met Tamil hero Srikanth at the Celebrity Cricket League Party five years ago. She told Srikanth has promised her a role when they danced together in a club. 'I love the way u eat my,' she wrote.

And Today, Sri Reddy targeted none other than Lawrence. She met him in the lobby of Golkonda Hotel in Masab Tank. Then, He took her to his room where she found Raghavendra Swamy Photo & Rudraksha. Thereafter, Lawrence told he came from a poor family and his willingness to help newcomers. She added, 'Slowly, He showed his true color..he asked me to show my belly, that and this..strange part is stand and tempt yourself in the mirror, do some romantic moves, do romance with the mirror..what's wrong with him? After that he did a ride on..he said immediately your offer is confirm..but end part is very sad..I continued the friendship for some time, but Bellamkonda became a villain in it'.