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Movie Review: Takkar

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   9 Jun 2023 3:50 PM GMT
Movie Review: Takkar
'Takkar' Movie Review

Cast: Siddharth, Divyansha Kaushik, Abhimanyu Singh, Yogi Babu, Vignesh Kanth and others

Music: Nivas Prasanna

Vanchinathan Murugesan

Editor: GA Gowtham

Producer: TG Vishwa Prasad & Abhishek Agarwal

Writer: Srinivas Kavinayam - Karthik G Krishna

Director: Karthik G Krishna

Siddharth who was once a bright star in Tollywood has lost his market completely due to a series of flops. There are still a lot of people who absolutely love him even today and the actor made a comeback with 'Maha Samudram' last year which ended as a disaster. His Tamil film 'Takkar' has now released in Telugu with the same name. Let us see how this interesting thriller turned out to be.


Gunasekhar (Siddharth) is a youngster born into a poor family. He is not happy with his life as he never has enough money. He does various things to earn cash but his anger always creates problems for him. At last, he rents a Benz car and rides it as a taxi. The car gets completely damaged in an accident and the owner bashes him up. With a lot of financial problems, he decides to end his life but he doesn't have enough bravery to commit suicide. While searching for ways to die, Guna meets with a rowdy who deceived him before. Guna beats him up and takes his car. He finds a kidnapped girl in the car's trunk and Guna's life takes a huge turn due to that girl. Why did the girl get kidnapped? Where does this kidnap drama lead to? This forms the crux of the story.


When you have enough money, friends who think alike, when you take a road trip to your favorite place and everything happens as you planned, you get a lot of happiness. But when some of the people who should come with you leaves you hanging and your tires get punctured while the money bag is stolen from you, it becomes a huge nightmare. Siddharth's 'Takkar' belongs to the second category and this road thriller ends up being a horrible experience. Siddharth who once made beautiful love stories has gotten bored by the same storylines and started taking different films like 'Takkar'. He decided to try his hand in an action thriller like 'Takkar'. Despite being outdated, Siddharth's love stories usually have magical moments. We connect with Siddhu in the lover boy roles. But 'Takkar' which he did because of his urge to try something new turned out to be a bad experience for the viewers.

When you need references for road thrillers, we have Karthi's 'Awaara' and Siddhu's own 'NH - 4'. But 'Takkar' is very far from it and the movie is highly boring. The starting scenes including Siddhu's character establishment show a lot of promise. The way the director showcased the struggle of the lead character who struggles to get a job due to his anger but also feels bad about not having any money is quite convincing. The dialogues create a good impression on the movie. 'Takkar' makes you pass the time till a certain point but goes off the track once the hero decides to commit suicide. The scene where the hero is afraid of dying and followed by going to a rowdy place and teasing them in order to die is quite silly. It is strange that the hero fears jumping from a building but is ready to get beaten to death by a rowdy. Hero suddenly turns into an expert in fighting and bashes up everyone instantly which is very illogical.

Keeping the logic aside, 'Takkar' engages you fairly till the end of the first half but the real test of patience starts in the second half. Hero taking away the kidnapped heroine, the goons chasing him and everything gives us a hint that it is going to be a thrilling ride but the director injected forced comedy into the movie and added a feel less romantic track between the hero and heroine. He struggled a lot to take the film forward and made the audience struggle to watch it. 'Takkar' fails to engage the audience even once in the second half and the audience becomes restless thereby waiting for the film to end. The villain role starts off on an interesting note but becomes comedic after a certain point. We don't get the tension of what might happen to the hero and heroine as the villain became a joker already. The climax can also be predicted very easily. People who expected a different film from Siddharth will be highly disappointed with 'Takkar' and he did not have room to showcase his brilliance in this movie.


Even today, Siddharth is considered a lover boy in Tollywood. 'Takkar' is completely different from his regular image and the audience who were used to seeing him in love stories and family films will take time to get used to seeing him like this. Due to this, we fail to connect with his character. One gets a feeling that this role is not made for Siddharth. Starting from his screen presence to his acting, nothing looks extraordinary in the movie. He just does his job.

Divyansha Kaushik looks very good. Compared to her previous flicks, she appeared way more glamorous in this movie. Her acting is decent and Abhimanyu Singh is quite regular as the villain. There is nothing interesting in his character while Yogi Babu's scenes make you laugh partially. The rest of the cast is fine.


There is nothing brilliant from the technical team of 'Takkar'. Nivas Prasanna did not show his mark in the music. None of the songs are pleasing to the ears but the background score is decent. The cinematography is good but had nothing extraordinary. The production values are adequate. Karthik G Krishna failed to show his specialty in either the screenplay or the direction. Though the initial scenes are good, he failed to make the film an interesting affair. He makes you restless by the end.

Verdict: 'Takkar' - A Boring Ride!

Rating: 1.75/5

Disclaimer : This Review is Just An Opinion of One Person. Please Do Not Judge The Movie Based On This Review And Watch Movie in Theater