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What A Promotion Tejaswi

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   27 Jun 2018 10:37 AM GMT
What A Promotion Tejaswi

Bigg Boss-2 started on an average note, unlike the first season. While many people have drawn comparisons with NTR's charismatic hosting with Nani and gave it fewer marks. On the other hand, the names of the contestants in the second season didn't raise much interest. Contrary to all these things, curiosity levels are raising on the show with each passing week.

Tejaswi Madivada is one of the glamorous contestants of the second season. As she has done a handful of films and active on the social media.. she has a good following too. She is a stand out in the crowd with her forward thinking in promotions as well. We all know that the contestants can't communicate with outside world once they enter the Bigg Boss house. So, she came up with an innovative idea of handing over her Twitter account to a PR agency even before she entered Bigg Boss house. They are tweeting with regular intervals to stay in touch with fans requesting them to vote for Tejaswi.

The recent tweet from Tejaswi Twitter account reads "Group or no group, Tejaswi has always been a contestant who has given her best in every aspect in the midst of all the strategising happening in the Bigg Boss house. Keep voting for your favourite contestant Tejaswi to see her bright personality unfold in the Bigg Boss house."