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Telugu Bigg Boss 6: Makers Bring Trump Card Early!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   8 Sep 2022 8:39 AM GMT
Telugu Bigg Boss 6: Makers Bring Trump Card Early!
The leading reality show in Telugu Bigg Boss is back in business with its new season. The sixth season was started recently. Just like all the seasons, the makers went for a mix-up of candidates from various backgrounds like YouTube, the Tv world, actors, and Singer. The show did not get the required TRP as it gets usually.

The Bigg Boss show surprised the audiences with the nomination episode. Bigg Boss said we would see double nominations in the first week itself. Aditya, Inaya, and Abhinaya Sri reached nominations directly and the other contestants can be nominated by the inmates.

As of now, singer Revanth, Jabardast Chanti, Sri Sathya, Faima, Inaya, Aarohi, and Abhinaya Sri were nominated by the inmates and they are in the danger zone now. Two of them would be sent out of the house and the rest of them would be given a second chance.

Usually, the elimination process is used as a trump card to increase the TRP ratings. During the elimination process, the TRP ratings go up massively as the inmates try to defend themselves and place their arguments on why they nominated the other person.

It looks like the Bigg Boss makers want to boost the TRP ratings and brought the trump card early. Moreover, we have seen a few times how the inmates were let go from the elimination process by making them do some tasks. We might see this as the inmates are yet to get comfortable in the house.

Most of the inmates are not familiar with others as they hail from various fields. Talking about Chanti and Faima they come from the same field and work for the same channel and that's why they have managed to crack a few jokes. So it would take some time for the inmates to get to each other.

There are two things here. One is that the Bigg Boss makers might have planned the elimination episode to take the TRP ratings going up and the second point is that the inmates who are not doing much in the Bigg Boss house like doing tasks.

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