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Trivikram & Mahesh Going Against All Odds!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   28 Nov 2022 8:59 AM GMT
Trivikram & Mahesh Going Against All Odds!
Superstar Mahesh Babu and Trivikram Srinivas have joined hands once again after 12 years. Their combination has always given wonderful results and #SSMB28 has started with a lot of expectations on it. The first schedule was wrapped up in October and the team filmed an action sequence that will reportedly be not used in the movie.

The new schedule is expected to begin in November but the unexpected demise of superstar Krishna has forced the makers to put their plans on hold. Mahesh had to stay with his family for a while and Trivikram was there by his side during the formalities. The latest we hear is that the super hit duo is planning to restart the movie in December at all costs and release it in April 2023.

While shooting a movie within three months is regular for a few filmmakers, it is definitely not the case with either Mahesh Babu or Trivikram. The star writer-director is known for taking his own time during the production stage. He shoots at a leisurely pace and his track record proves it. The same is the case with Mahesh who often takes regular breaks to go on vacations. Being a big film, a lot of noted actors will be part of it and getting a hold of their call sheets is going to be a mammoth task.

It looks like the shooting needs to be completed by the first week of March which leaves decent time for the post-production team to give the best output. This seems to be a very tough task for both Mahesh and Trivikram. We need to wait and see if they complete this task and release the movie on 28th April or not.