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In Talk: Vikram Kumar's Priya Sentiment!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   12 Sep 2019 7:23 AM GMT
In Talk: Vikram Kumars Priya Sentiment!
Film Personalities do follow sentiments whenever they make a movie, whether it's in the titles or locations or names of the certain characters. There were Heroes who prefer Title with 3 Letters, Directors who doesn't shave until the release of the film and Heroines who don't talk about new projects until completion of first day of shoot.

For Vikram Kumar, Name of the Heroine has to be Priya. This sentiment has been followed by him since '13B'. Name of the Female Lead in 'Ishq', 'Manam', '24' and 'Hello' is Priya. Even in 'Gang Leader', Screen Name of Priyanka Arul Mohan is Priya.

In the films directed by Vikram Kumar, Actresses might change but the screen name remains the same. Netizens feel Priya could be the name of this Sensible Filmmaker's First Crush or Ex-Girlfriend. Whereas, People who are close to Vikram Kumar deny as such connection with the personal life. If that is true, Why this Director hasn't been repeating the screen name of Hero? Why the sentiment is followed only in the case of heroine?