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'Vimanam' Movie Review

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   9 Jun 2023 9:33 PM GMT
Vimanam Movie Review
'Vimanam' Movie Review

Cast: Samuthirakani, Anasuya Bharadwaj, Dhanraj, Rahul Ramakrishna, Meera Jasmine and others.

Music: Charan Arjun

Cinematography: Vivek Kalepu

Dialogues: Hanu Ravuri

Producer: Kiran Korrapati - Zee Studios

Writer - Director: Siva Prasad Yanala

'Vimanam' is a small film that attracted everyone with its heart-touching trailer and promotional content. Versatile actor and National Award winner Samuthirakani played the lead role in this film and Anausya acted in a major role. The movie has hit the screens with decent expectations today. Let us see how the movie turned out to be.


Veerayya (Samuthirakani) is a physically challenged person who lives in a slum area near Begumpet of Hyderabad. His wife dies while giving birth to their kid and Veerayya runs a Sulabh complex in order to survive. His son Raju (Master Dhruvan) is everything to Veerayya. Raju is fascinated with airplanes. He constantly talks about them and gets hyper while talking about them. Raju is active in his studies and he gets admission to Sainik School. Veerayya plans to get him educated there and turn his son into a pilot. But he learns a heartbreaking truth about his son. He finds out that Raju has Leukemia and is about to die in a month. At this stage, Veerayya decides to make his son happy by getting him onto a flight once. Will his dream succeed or not? This forms the rest of the story.


We have seen a lot of emotional films in Tamil and Malayalam that pull our heartstrings. If we take 'Kaaka Muttai' as an example, we see the story of two slum kids who try to buy a pizza in order to taste it for the first time. By listening to the story, one might think that it is tough to get a pizza even for a slum kid but the way it was showcased is very convincing and heart-touching. The movie's team won a lot of awards for that film. Now, 'Vimanam' is made on similar lines. Director Siva Prasad Yanala wanted to make a very emotional film with able actors like Samuthirakani, Anasuya, Dhanraj, Rahul Ramakrishna and others. He decided to tell the story of a kid who wanted to board a flight and his father going above and beyond to fulfill his son's dream. But the director was only partially successful. The story selection and a few moments were very impressive but the tight screenplay went missing which proved to be the minus point.

The story of a kid who likes to fly in an airplane but has cancer and his father trying everything to make his wish come true is something that everyone gets emotional with. The storyline had a lot of potential and people can easily become emotional if narrated in the right manner. But the director failed to utilize it to the full extent. The slow narration paired with too much melodrama tests the patience of the audience. Also, the predictable narration without any surprises too disappoints the audience. One can easily understand how the film begins and how it ends so easily. Had the scenes been great, the audience would have sat through the movie without any problem. Barring a few scenes, every other thing in the movie is overdramatic. The father-son track is the only emotional point in this movie. As it is tough to run the film for two hours only on this track which is why he included other characters. But they appear a bit forced.

For example, the track between the prostitute role played by Anasuya and Rahul Ramakrishna who lusts for her and Motta Rajendran who takes photos of Anasuya appears quite unnecessary. One wonders how such an emotional film has such below-the-belt scenes. The movie is all about a father and a son but the scenes of Rahul and Anasuya cross the line most of the time. These scenes should be present in an adult movie but not in such an emotional movie. Barring the one last scene, the character of Anasuya looks unnecessary for the movie. The father needs ten thousand rupees to buy a flight ticket and one wonders how hard it is to get such a small amount of money. That is why, they took the time period a bit backward. Even so, the hardships the father faces to collect ten thousand is highly unconvincing. Had the presentation been good, the flaws would have been covered. It is Samuthirakani who happens to be the biggest plus point of the movie and the father-son bond is highly emotional. The climax is good too but the other scenes in the movie are too slow and over dramatic which plays the spoilsport.


A fantastic performer like Samuthirakani was restricted to routine villain roles in his career till date in Telugu. His range and ability can be seen in movies like 'Visaranai'. His best performance in Telugu can be witnessed in 'Vimanam'. He erased the image he gathered through villain roles in this film. We feel sympathetic towards his character and we feel his every emotion. The scene where he scolds the god showcases the level of performer he is. It is something to be seen rather than explained. Master Dhruvan was very good as his son. The kid who played his friend's role was also quite good. Anasuya did very well in the prostitute's role but she looked a bit odd in this role. Dhanraj did a decent job as the Autowaala. Rahul Ramakrishna was effective in the movie but his dressing did not suit his character. Meera Jasmine is nice as the guest appearance.


'Vimanam' is a film made on a limited budget but it is adequate and the technical quality is fine too. The quality is very much visible. Charan Arjun did well not just as a music composer but as a lyric writer too. 'Relare' stands as the highlight in the album. They used it in bits during key sequences. Vivek Kalepu's cinematography suits the mood and premise of the film. Writer–director Siva Prasad Yanala wanted to say an emotional story but he failed to write an engaging screenplay around it. A few scenes and moments were highly impressive but Siva Prasad failed to keep the audience hooked. The dialogues were too dramatic as well.

: 'Vimanam' Struggles To Take Off!

Rating: 2.25/5