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What Will Koratala Siva's Response Be?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   10 Oct 2022 9:20 AM GMT
What Will Koratala Sivas Response Be?
For people who are unaware, Megastar Chiranjeevi recently gave an interview to the popular North Indian media channel 'Film Companion' prior to the release of his 'Godfather'. Apart from reminiscing about all the highs and lows, he talked about his last film 'Acharya' which ended up as a disaster. He said, "The failure of 'Acharya' did not make me depressed. We did what the director asked us to do."

These words by Megastar are going viral and the senior hero is being trolled a lot. It is Chiru who sang laurels about Kortala Siva before the film's release and blaming him after the disastrous result is getting adverse reactions from everyone. Not just in the interview but Chiru even during the success meet of 'Godfather', Chiru stated that film is a collective effort which requires everyone to give their best equally in order to get a hit. He added that the output will not be good if the director thinks he is supreme and knows more than everyone including actors, technicians and writers. He stated that it is not a good sign of a director when he doesn't like an actor getting involved in the creative side of filmmaking.

People are implying that he has aimed all of these comments at Koratala Siva. They are asking the veteran actor to stop taking digs at the star director and move on as the filmmaker endured a lot of issues already. We all know that Koratala is a dignified man who doesn't take potshots at people and he even did not make angry comments on Boyapati Seenu when the 'Mirchi' director talked about his issues with Boyapati during the early days. He became successful before talking about Boyapati and many claim that he is going to do the same now. The star writer-director may talk about 'Acharya' and Megastar's comments once #NTR30 is ready and manages to become successful. Let us wait and see what happens then.

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