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When Tweeting Against Freeing Criminals Become Political: Anasuya!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   19 Aug 2022 9:44 AM GMT
When Tweeting Against Freeing Criminals Become Political: Anasuya!
Without any doubt, social media has emerged as a big platform for everyone. Besides sharing updates on their work celebrities are also sharing views on various issues. Whenever something bad happens, celebrities raise their voice against the issue and demands strict action against the culprits. But the posts might also backfire sometimes.

The same happened with the star anchor from Telugu Anasuya Bharadwaj who is vocal about many issues. As a strong feminist, Anasuya never shies away from condemning attacks against women and demanding strict action. A recent tweet brought her big criticism. She recently reacted to the news of rape convicts getting released and asked where the country is leading.

Days after making the tweet, Anasuya gave a big clarity and urged everyone to not politicise her views and tweets as whatever she tweets comes from her heart, and she won't post anything on social media due to others.

In a series of tweets, Anasuya surged everyone to not make her tweets political. Taking about the delay in addressing a few issues Anasuya said that it gets difficult for her to get an opinion on the issues that were diluted already.

"C. I am a working woman/mother and there are many a times I end up not knowing the truth on few things which you expect me to speak up.. by the time I get the time to speak up, the issue gets so diluted that it gets very difficult for me to have an opinion of my own(2/2)," Anasuya maintained in her tweet.

The reason behind Anasuya requesting everyone to not make her tweets political is many netizens asked why she is retweeting political tweets. Having found fault with her retweeting the political tweets, netizens also asked why she was silent on other issues and why she did not retweet other political tweets.

Replying to a tweet Anasuya asked if it is political to tweet against freeing criminals. She even asked if it was political to respond or react to atrocities against women in the country. With a section of netizens targeting her, Anasuya took to Twitter to not politicize her tweet.