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Who Will Be Partners With Whom In These Upcoming OTT Platforms?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   7 July 2021 7:29 AM GMT
Who Will Be Partners With Whom In These Upcoming OTT Platforms?
OTT platforms seem to be the ongoing trend in every aspect of the film business lately. Thanks to the lockdown, the market for online streaming sites boomed like never before and the audience got the taste of watching new content all time right on their smartphones and laptops. Their popularity grew multifold and witnessing its potential, many industrialists and producers have launched their own OTT platforms recently.

We know that Allu Aravind associated with My Home Group to come up with 'Aha' which producing exclusive Telugu content. A lot of people subscribed to it and it is yielding good profits according to the analysts. As we know, Dil Raju is a creative partner in 'Aha'. He has been helping 'Aha' in coming up with good content and getting notable stars onboard. Sources say that the star producer is aiming to launch his own OTT platform now.

If the rumours are true, Dil Raju will be coming up with his own streaming service and insiders say that Ram Charan will be included as a partner in it. This means that the 'Magadheera' hero will be investing in the OTT market along with Dil Raju for a new OTT platform. But we’ve heard recently that Ram Charan may start an OTT platform together with his 'RRR' associates NTR and Rajamouli. The news claimed that all three of them will be teaming up together and come up with their own brand 'RRR'. The OTT platform will be having the same name.

While this is still in the discussion stage, the sudden update of Ram Charan and Dil Raju teaming up for a new OTT platform is raising many eyebrows in Tollywood. Currently, people are putting their bets on who teams up with who and launches a brand new OTT platform. Will there be one or more new OTT platforms coming up in Tollywood? Will there be new online streaming services or all these are nothing but mere rumours? All these questions are leaving people in a state of worry. Let us wait and see what happens. Nonetheless, the movie lovers who crave good content are in for a special treat in the coming days.