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women feel unsafe in Bhopal Gwalior jodhpur: study

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   2 Dec 2019 11:51 AM GMT
women feel unsafe in Bhopal Gwalior jodhpur: study
Whether you travel a lot or only go on vacation every once in a blue moon, it is always important to know about the area you are in. This is even true when you are looking to move somewhere, whether it be permanently or temporarily. With over four thousand four hundred sixteen cities in the world, there are seemingly endless places to travel to and cultures to experience around the world.

Nearly 90 per cent women feel unsafe in Bhopal, Gwalior and Jodhpur due to isolated and unsafe areas, according to a study. The study also found that students and unmarried women were more vulnerable to sexual harassment. Findings of the study also indicate that instances of sexual harassment were significantly higher amongst students.

According to the study, Bhopal (77), Gwalior (75) and Jodhpur (67) are the most dangerous cities in the world. 57.1 per cent of students living in these three areas and 50.1 per cent of unmarried girls reported having been sexually abused.