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Zomato & Bunny's Funny Take On South Cinema!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   4 Feb 2022 10:42 AM GMT
Zomato & Bunnys Funny Take On South Cinema!
Icon star Allu Arjun is no longer a hero confined to the South. He became a pan-Indian star thanks to'Pushpa'. His'Thaggedhe Le' mannerism became a sensation and many celebrities started doing it. Bunny is getting a lot of endorsements recently and they are making the most of his Pushparaj character.

Take a look at this'Zomato' advertisement which he featured in recently. This television commercial had Allu Arjun fighting the goons in slow motion. Actor Subbaraj is seen flying in the air and he asks Bunny to bring him down quickly as he is hungry. Allu Arjun says that these slow-motion shots are mandatory as it is South cinema. He tells Subbaraj to order through Zomato as it delivers food quite quickly.

This ad is currently going viral and Bunny ended the video with his trademark'Thaggedele' mannerism. Zomato and Bunny's sarcastic comment on heavy usage of slow motion in South cinema is received well by everyone. Bunny looks handsome and the concept is quite creative.

Looks like Bunny is surely going places after'Pushpa' and things will be even better once the second part releases by the end of this year. Allu Arjun is surely enjoying the form of his life with blockbuster films one after the other and big brands lining up for him one after the other.