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'Bachhala Malli' Offers Fresh Story & Is A Different Genre Film: Producer Rajesh Danda

He revealed a lot of interesting snippets about production and future movies during his interaction with the media.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   18 March 2024 4:05 PM GMT
Bachhala Malli Offers Fresh Story & Is A Different Genre Film: Producer Rajesh Danda

Producer Rajesh Danda is claiming that the journey as a producer is quite smoother than being a distributor. The successful director says that Sundeep Kishan and Allari Naresh believed in him during the distribution stage itself and he claims that it is how ‘Hasya Movies’ banner was established. Rajesh Danda is producing a couple of movies under this banner and it is his birthday on 19th March. He revealed a lot of interesting snippets about production and future movies during his interaction with the media.

What is going to be the birthday gift this year?

I started as a distributor with ‘Swamy Ra Ra’ and released around 82 films till date. I produced ‘Okka Kshanam’, ‘Naandi’ and others. I am traveling with Anil Sunkar and bankrolling movies like ‘Oori Peru Bhairavakona’, ‘Samajavaragamana’ and others. With those films becoming successful, we are readying a few more films now.

How is making your own films under your own banner?

The previous films I made were also produced under my own banner. I feel happy to produce movies of my favorite people. ‘Naandi’ and ‘Bachhala Malli’ are my genre films. I feel happy to make movies with the stories I like. Subbu is the director of ‘Bachhala Malli’.

Is ‘Bachhala Malli’ a serious film?

It is an interesting story set in the 90s. Since the story demanded natural locations, we made it around places like Annavaram, Tuni and other surrounding regions. We are going to finish the shooting with a single schedule that is going to start on 10th May.

At a time when big producers are slowing down, how are you making films at such speed?

There is only one yardstick. The business is quite good as the movies are doing well. There is no difference between big producers and small producers.

How did being a distributor help you in production? How do you predict the success of a concept?

The experience of being a distributor is massively helping me as a producer. Coming to concepts, I have a policy of trying something new. Movies like ‘Bhairavakona’, ‘Itlu Maredumilli Prajaneekam’ and ‘Samajavaragamana’ were made due to that thought process.

Will you make movies only with Allari Naresh and Sundeep Kishan? Why not others?

There is nothing like that. It is just comfortable to work with running heroes. Also, they believed in me right from the time when I was a distributor. My journey with them is quite satisfying so far. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be working with other heroes. We are going to do that soon.

What genre of films do you like?

I like commercial cinema. Especially, action films are my cup of tea. I make sure that those elements are present in my movies but they should be a part of the story.

You get mixed reviews at times. How do you predict the outcome of movies when you watch it?

The buyer will get his money back when the movie becomes a hit. He feels that it is better. When some films don’t recover the money but we personally like them. It means that the audience did not like it. Everyone is entitled to their opinions while writing the reviews. There is a song in ‘Bhairavakona’ which we predicted would bring the audience to theatres. It happened. These days, people are not showing up for movies with regular content. They need something different.

Many feel that small films can be completed easily. What is the reason behind taking a cameraman and music composer who worked on Prabhas’ films before?

The most important thing in a movie after the story is cinematography. It makes the movies beautiful and impactful. I watched ‘Rangasthalam’ and ‘Comali’. The cinematography is wonderful and I know him personally. I picked the music director in the same manner. Despite being busy, he promised to work on this project. Working with such people is a blessing. I like working with them and the audience will feel the same after watching the movie. I am able to not compromise on the technical quality.

Many feel that the producer has no control over the story and he is just a cashier. What is your take on it?

My heroes are my personal friends. I plan everything very carefully. I found people who listen to me which is my luck. I hope that the situation stays the same with other heroes too. I am involved in story, preproduction and shooting. I plan everything and my experience as a distributor helps me a lot. I go to shootings and as a producer, you hold a lot of control.

How is your journey with Anil sir?

I made films along with him and the journey is amazing.

What are you going to do differently in ‘Hasya Movies’?

I strive to make good movies with new stories under Hasya Movies. Just like a few big banners, we are also trying to make good stories and content. All the movies that I made till date have novel concepts. Nakkina Trinadh Rao’s movie will also have a different story.

There was a talk that Trinadh Rao was about to work under a big banner. How did you manage to lock him?

I like the story narrated by Prasanna. We all are coming after successful films and everything fell in the right place for this project.

Telugu cinema has reached the pan-Indian level. When can we expect such movies from your banner?

Definitely! We will make such a movie when a suitable story and pan-Indian hero is available. It is going to be made in 2025.

About your upcoming projects.

Allari Naresh’s film is under production and 50% of the shooting is done. There are Sundeep Kishan and Kiran Abbavaram’s films in the pipeline.

How are digital and satellite businesses?

Compared to the last year, digital and satellite businesses have gone down. It is for small films. It doesn’t apply to big films. Luckily, my movies did not face such problems. All three of my films had their satellite rights sold even before the theatrical release. The upcoming projects too are done with their business. The market depends on the banner and success rate. I feel lucky to have had success till date. Everyone buys looking at the teaser and business gets done faster when the teaser and trailer are impressive.

When will you make a big film under your banner?

We will make a big film with a big hero next year. For now, the details are going to be a suspense.

Is there a rule regarding the number of films you are supposed to make in a year?

There is nothing like that. Whilst being in the shooting of ‘Maredumilli’, I heard the story of ‘Bachhala Malli’. We okayed Kiran Abbavaram’s story while making ‘Samajavaragamana’. Trinadh Rao’s film came suddenly.

We wish Rajesh Danda a very Happy Birthday and hope for a successful career as a producer ahead!