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Boyapati's Dual Role Strategy

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   8 Oct 2023 8:03 AM GMT
Boyapatis Dual Role Strategy

In Boyapati's films, several recurring elements are easily noticeable, such as intense action sequences, the portrayal of women in elaborate attire, copious amounts of bloodshed, and the hero effortlessly vanquishing hordes of adversaries singlehandedly. However, one more common motif in Boyapati's recent works is the inclusion of a dual role for the protagonist.

In a recent interview, Boyapati provided a rationale for this recurring theme, offering a perspective from a director's standpoint. In movies like "Simha," "Legend," "Akhanda," and "Skanda," Boyapati consistently introduces a formidable character that overshadows the hero, portraying them as a supreme power.

When questioned about the potential monotony of this approach and why he doesn't surprise the audience by introducing another star hero instead of relying on a dual role, Boyapati defended his preference for dual roles.

The director acknowledged that in "Skanda," his most recent work, the overpowering character did indeed overshadow the hero but emphasized that it should still be the same actor who played the lead role. According to Boyapati, the actor who has shown unwavering faith in him and put in tremendous effort throughout the film shouldn't end up as a character lying unconscious while another hero takes center stage in the climactic moments.

Boyapati's argument centers on the idea that a hero shouldn't allow another hero to steal the limelight simply by appearing in a guest role for the powerful climax. While this rationale makes sense, it's important to recognize that this recurring theme has already become a predictable aspect of Boyapati's films and may benefit from some fresh creative approaches in the future.