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Who Is Responsible For 'BRO' Controversy?

Only a Pawan Kalyan movie can bring out a response from the ruling party

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   2 Aug 2023 7:45 AM GMT
Who Is Responsible For BRO Controversy?

Only a Pawan Kalyan movie can bring out a response from the ruling party. We have seen it happen during 'Vakeel Saab' and 'Bheemla Nayak'. Now, the controversy regarding his recent outing 'BRO' is going to another level. It is rare to see a Minister coming in front of the media and trying to give details about the movie's collections area-wise, gross money and result. He is in no way linked with the movie and he is churning out one statement after another.

He even gave a director warning to the film's writer Trivikram Srinivas and it explains how much he got hurt by the Shyam Babu character which was designed after him. Who is the reason behind all this? The producer stated that only the T-shirt matched and Prithvi's character does not resemble the politician but that role is not at all linked with the story and the striking resemblance can't be hidden.

Even if they did it on purpose, there is no need for a minister to respond in such a manner. No one would have talked about it after the weekend if Rambabu had stayed silent. But venting out his anger in front of the press made the character and scene more relevant than it deserved. Pawan Kalyan's films should not be publicized through controversies.

While such spoofs and digs at leaders are acceptable in a political movie, 'BRO' is an emotional fantasy film that should not have such scenes. While Ambati Rambabu and Janasena members are busy throwing punches online, the netizens are having a lot of fun. Young hero Sai Dharam Tej is promoting the film by going to many places despite his health situation. While he is asking everyone to watch the film, this controversy is making everyone believe that there is nothing in the movie other than Rambabu/Shyambabu's controversy. Only god knows when this fuss comes to an end.