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His Greatness Can't Be Explained In A Single Word: Sai Dharam Tej

Everyone looked very happy and beaming smiles on people's faces explained a lot.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   31 July 2023 10:25 AM GMT
His Greatness Cant Be Explained In A Single Word: Sai Dharam Tej

Power Star Pawan Kalyan and Sai Dharam Tej's 'BRO' which was released last Friday got a tremendous response from the audience. Despite being a remake, the team turned it into a whole new film with ample changes and whistle-worthy moments that the fans enjoy. The movie did exceptionally well at the box office and it is expected to get good profits as well. At the movie's success celebrations, everyone looked very happy and beaming smiles on people's faces explained a lot.

Director Samuthirakani said, "We are standing before you all after coming up with a good cinema. We have spoken enough all through the promotional campaign, now it's time for the audience to speak. I want to hear more from fans and audiences after watching Bro, Thank you, everyone."

Sai Dharam Tej told, "I would like to say a small thing about time. Raja Chembolu and I were batchmates when we first started our journey of learning about acting in an institute. Now the time has united us. We both shared screen space here in the film Bro. Samuthirakani's greatness can't be described in one word. Starting his career as a small screen director, he reached the stage to handle a star like Pawan Kalyan. And talking about the music by Thaman, I didn't like the comments coming from audiences initially. But the rerecording was amazing. And the single that came at the end was very good. I am happy to find a friend like him."

SKN who produced a blockbuster like 'Baby' recently recalled his younger days. He said, "I can recall my days as a diehard fan of Pawan Kalyan garu sitting in the gallery and waiting with bated breath to catch his glimpse. But attending the success of Kalyan garu's film is an honour that I got. Thanks, everyone for inviting me. After watching Bro, for the first time, we happened to see each other's faces while having dinner that night. We usually keep scrolling through the phone while having a meal. But that night was different. That was the impact of Bro. A few films are entertaining and a few are message-oriented. But Bro has both entertainment and a message. I made us realise the value of time."

Maruthi who was present at the event claimed, "Like everyone, I too thought Pawan Kalyan would play a guest role in the film. But within minutes, a miracle takes place. It was so mesmerising watching the vintage Pawan Kalyan on the big screen. There is so much depth in the writing. After the first half, I thought my friends would say something or comment on the film. But I stood up immediately not listening to anyone. Every frame is amazing. Music scored by S Thaman is amazing."

Chandu Mondeti said, "I think Samuthirakani garu is a more fantastic writer and director than an actor. I request you to direct a movie like Bro at least once in every 2 years. I used to watch every movie that you have directed so far in Tamil. But I didn't watch Vinodhaya Sitham, I thought since Pawan Kalyan garu along with Sai Dharam Tej is being featured in the film, what's the need to watch the original? So I waited to watch Bro on the big screen. I was very moved by the story. Basically, I am not someone who would react emotionally to good or bad. I felt so emotional while watching Bro."

Director Bobby said, "I congratulate everyone for giving a blockbuster success Bro to entie Telugu audiences. At a time when the whole world is thinking selfishly, Kalyan garu gives his time for the people. There is no single penny he gets from it. But I came here to thank Kalyan garu who is always at the service of people.

Filmmaker Gopichand Malineni said, "Everyone who attended the event is so close to me. First of all, I congratulate everyone who is part of Bro. You have given a good movie to Telugu audiences. Samuthirakani garu keeps saying that he came from a remote location somewhere in Tamil Nadu. He used to keep saying that the film industry has given a lot to him and recognised him. In return, we need to give something back to it. His thoughts are as pure as his soul. That could be the reason why he was able to bring a good message to society with Bro."

Producer TG Vishwa Prasad said, "As I said previously, I am very happy to bring Bro to audiences as our 25th movie from People Media Factory. As I said last time, Samuthirakani garu was behind the completion of the project in a very quick time. Trivkiram garu has done a great job by providing dialogues and screenplay.

S Thaman said, "I am ever grateful to the Powerstar all my life. Because Vakeel Saab, Bheemla Nayak, Bro and tomorrow OG. He made my life. Before Aravinda Sametha and after it, he changed my life. I have known Samuthirakani for the last 22 years. I happened to score music for his television serial back in those days. I would say he is a son of soil. Very pure, simple yet so profound. I feel so great to have him here and work on a project like Bro."

Raja Chembolu said, "I would like to first thank Samuthirakani, the director of Bro, for offering a good land which has been getting good response all over. Being an actor and director, you made our work very easy. I have known Sai Dharam Tej for the last 13 years. He is one of the most humble being I've seen. After I called on Teju to congratulate for the success of Virupaksha, he said, 'Congratulations to all of us. To everyone in the industry.' He is the person who wants everyone to grow.

Surya Srinivas said, "Myself Surya Srinivas, I am an actor from Telugu film industry, height is 5ft 8 inches, I can speak four languages. Please have a look at my profile.' -- this used to be my daily routine. Now I can proudly say that I have done a blockbuster called Bro. I am very emotional, and feeling so much gratitude for the makers."

Distributors from ceded expressed their happiness over Bro running with packed houses all over the coastal districts. In Visakhapatnam, Bro is running with packed houses in single as well as multiplexes in Vizag. On Sunday alone, Bro collected the distributor share of Rs 4.6 crore in Vizag. Despite the rains and battered roads and disconnected links to various remote places in the entire Telangana, the collections of Pawan Kalyan starrer remained high.

Vivek Kuchibhotla said, "As assumed earlier, Bro is reaching out well to the audiences with the message. We're expecting Bro would have a long run in the coming weeks since the talk among the family audiences is good. I thank everyone who cooperated and supported to do the project Bro. Pawan Kalyan helped us in completing the project on time taking out his busy schedule of political activity. Sai Dharam Tej had done almost overtime to infuse soul into the story. Ketika Sharma has done this. S Thaman is fantastic with his music. Samuthirakani along with the technical team."

Zee Studios Prasad said, "We have seen fans whistling and roaring in theatres while watching Pawan Kalyan on the screen. And we have also seen how the message is subtly conveyed in the second half. That is possible only with director Samuthirakani garu." Ketika Sharma said, "I just have a lot of thank yous in my heart. I am grateful because I am part of this wonderful project Bro. I thank Pawan Kalyan and Sai Dharam Tej and the entire cast and crew for their efforts. I thank producer TG Vishwa Prasad garu for offering me the role."

Produced by People Media Factory in collaboration with ZEE Studios, Bro is written and directed by Samuthirakani. Trivikram penned the screenplay and dialogues for the film which was released in cinemas last week on July 28.