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'BRO' Team Caters To Fans! What About The Rest?

While 'BRO' managed to satisfy the fans, we can't say the same about the neutral audience.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   28 July 2023 12:32 PM GMT
BRO Team Caters To Fans! What About The Rest?

After a good couple of weeks, a big film has arrived in Tollywood. 'Adipurush' was the last big release and Pawan Kalyan's 'BRO' has come out now which brought the Hungama back in theatres. Despite some small films like 'Baby' and 'Samajavaragamana' doing well, we all know the craze that big films have when they hit the screens. Though the hype around 'BRO' is a bit low compared to other PK films, people are still going in large numbers to the theatres.

The movie is the third remake of Pawan Kalyan in a row and it is a film that has no space for mass elements which made the fans keep their expectations in check. Also, the promos did not engage them highly. But Pawan's charisma bought people to the theatres on the release date and the numbers are quite high across the Telugu states as per reports. The talk of the film is fairly positive and fans are quite happy about it.

Just like the other two recent remakes, this film too is changed a lot compared to the original. The makers added a lot of attractions to please the Pawan Kalyan fans. While it is true that Pawan did not get to do any fights in the movie, it should also be said that he entertained the crowd a lot. Pawan was seen imitating himself from his previous movies. We heard songs from 'Tholi Prema', 'Khushi', 'Jalsa', 'Thammudu' and others in this film and Pawan danced to every one of them and even repeated his trademark expressions. These are some major highlights of this movie.

The response is phenomenal for Pawan's entry and the next 15 minutes that followed. Pawan managed to engage the audience whenever he is present on the screen. But the rest was pretty ordinary as the emotional depth in the original film went missing in the remake. The screenplay is not tight as expected but people may not be heavily disappointed as their expectations were quite low already. While 'BRO' managed to satisfy the fans, we can't say the same about the neutral audience. The verdict of this flick depends on how the regular audience embrace it.