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Why Is 'Hanu-Man' Not Arriving In Theatres?

With the movie delayed a lot, people are fearing that there might not be a lot of stuff in the movie.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   30 Aug 2023 10:22 AM GMT
Why Is Hanu-Man Not Arriving In Theatres?

A lot of movies are released throughout the year but there are only a few for which you wait for. Those are the movies that have a lot of attractions whether it is the hero or the songs or the director or the fights or others. But there is one film that increased the expectations heavily with the teaser but is not showing any interest in arriving in theatres. With the movie delayed a lot, people are fearing that there might not be a lot of stuff in the movie.

Going into details, Prasanth Varma is creating his own cinematic superhero universe. He is making the first superhero film in India titled 'Hanu-Man'. Teja Sajja is playing the lead while Amrita Aiyer is the heroine. PrimeShow Entertainment banner is producing this film on a grand scale. Prasanth is exploring a new world and added Hindu mythology to it. He is working on the visual effects right now.

The teaser which came out a few months ago has raised the expectations to a whole new level. Teja Sajja is shown as a devotee of Hanuman as well as a youngster with superpowers. His presentation and visuals in the teaser have attracted the audience a lot. Some shots like showcasing Hanuman in the middle of a snow mountain and villains flying in the air have blown away the people.

The music was quite good too and the audience expected Prasanth Varma to impress each and everyone. But the makers are stepping back from the release every time. They are citing one or the other reason for it and postponing the movie. The audience are hopeful that it would be better than 'Adipurush' too. With Prabhas' film arriving in theatres despite all its flaws, people are wondering why 'Hanu-Man' team are hesitating it. The team announced that the film will released on 12th January, there is a lot of competition and we need to see if it releases on that exact date or not.