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Did Trivikram Help Pawan Behind The Scenes?

Janasena party chairman Pawan Kalyan played a major role in Andhra Pradesh politics.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   5 Jun 2024 9:42 AM GMT
Did Trivikram Help Pawan Behind The Scenes?

Janasena party chairman Pawan Kalyan played a major role in Andhra Pradesh politics. His party won 21 out of 21 MLA seats they contested and it shows the love of the public towards them. As we know, Pawan Kalyan handled both politics and movies at the same time in the past few years. Though he did fewer films in the past five years, they helped him a lot financially. The help he did to farmers was because of the money he earned through films.

Pawan Kalyan does not have any businesses. The only way he makes money is through movies. After the massive defeat in 2019, it is the movies he did that helped sustain the party for the next five years. The main reason for Pawan working on movies while being tied in political commitments is his dear friend Trivikram Srinivas according to the industry sources. In the past five years, Pawan never heard the stories of movies he did.

It is Trivikram who heard the stories and finalized them. He was the one who made any required changes to the scripts and looked after everything. He decided on who the director is going to be for those films. That is the reason why Pawan managed to make films at such a fast pace. This is why Pawan talks about Trivikram Srinivas a lot. Insiders reveal that it is Trivikram who was behind Pawan Kalyan in making him financially stable to run the political party.

We all know the bond they both share. Their ideologies matched which made Trivikram a close friend to Pawan instantly during the time of 'Jalsa'. Pawan trusts him a lot and he delivered Pawan's biggest hit 'Attarintiki Daredi'. Despite a few hiccups like 'Agnyathavaasi', their friendship never faded away. It is safe to say that Trivikram's impact can be seen on Pawan too. A lot of fans express their anger at the star writer-director instead of Pawan Kalyan when the film fails. Despite all the criticism, Trivikram stayed by Pawan's side and supported him by all means as per sources. As we know, Trivikram is very close to Mahesh Babu, NTR and Allu Arjun as well. Mahesh and NTR said on a couple of occasions how Trivikram helped them to recover from the loss of their father.