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'KGF' Linked With 'Salaar'! Is It Good

The teaser which came a few months back created a lot of expectations and the 'Dinosaur' dialogue went viral.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   2 Dec 2023 7:17 AM GMT
KGF Linked With Salaar! Is It Good

Rebel Star Prabhas and Prasanth Neel's 'Salaar' is all set to hit the screens worldwide on 22nd December. This movie is made on a massive budget and the expectations are sky high on it. Fans of Prabhas have been waiting a long time for this massive action extravaganza as their last three films like 'Radhe Shyam', 'Saaho' and 'Adipurush' tanked at the box office.

Everyone expected the trailer to be kickass and the advance bookings are going to create havoc on the internet. The trailer came out last night amidst a lot of hype. The teaser which came a few months back created a lot of expectations and the 'Dinosaur' dialogue went viral. But Prasanth Neel decided to establish the story and emotions through the trailer.

We can see that Prabhas plays the role of Deva who is willing to do anything for his friend Varadha. He is ready to kill hundreds of people for his friend. The story is set in the Khansar region filled with criminals. The politics around the top position leads to the others attacking Varadharaja Mannar who is the son of Raja Mannar. Varadha turned to his one-man army Deva and the latter turns into his protector and destroyer of the bad guys.

All the elements showcased in the trailer are something we have seen many times before. But 'Salaar' is a Prasanth Neel film which is why the trailer is power-packed and the action elements have pleased the fans a lot. But people cannot help but remember 'KGF' throughout the 'Salaar' trailer as the story narration, visuals, costumes and characters are way too similar.

The excessive use of black, land filled with mafia people and oppression of slaves along with childhood scenes being used for buildup are all the same as 'KGF'. Also, Eeshwari Rao being in both the movies with a similar getup are also creating doubts. While the response to the trailer is amazing, we need to see if these similarities between both the films are going to be positive or negative.