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Kiran Abbavaram in love with THIS actress; actor hints

Having appeared in several films, Kiran Abbavaram

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   29 Oct 2023 6:19 AM GMT
Kiran Abbavaram in love with THIS actress; actor hints

Having appeared in several films, Kiran Abbavaram has been recognized and appreciated for his acting prowess, even though he hasn't scored a recent hit. In the midst of his professional journey, there's one intriguing aspect that has captured the attention of fans and media alike – his rumored relationship with actress Rahasya Gorak.

Kiran Abbavaram's breakthrough moment came with his debut film "Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru," where he played the lead role. This film not only marked his entry into the spotlight but also laid the foundation for a rumored romance with co-star Rahasya Gorak. Speculations about their relationship began to circulate, and fans have been closely monitoring their interactions.

Fans' curiosity reached new heights when Kiran Abbavaram appeared as a guest on a recent talk show, hosted by Ashu Reddy. During the show, the topic of Kiran's love life was inevitably brought up, with a particular focus on his relationship with Rahasya Gorak. Kiran's response was not a confirmation, but it wasn't a denial either. He left the audience with a mysterious smile and an open-ended statement, saying he would openly discuss it if there were any developments.

The conversation took a playful turn when Ashu Reddy teased if they would announce their wedding date together if there was something to reveal. Kiran blushed but didn't give a clear answer. With a touch of humor, he commented, "Inni interviews lo eppudu ila doriki poledu," which roughly translates to "I haven't been caught in any interviews like this."

Meanwhile, recently, Kiran shared pictures from a trip, and by chance, Rahasya also posted a photo from the same place. This led to people wondering if they were on the trip together. Additionally, when Kiran had a housewarming event, Rahasya was there, and fans thought it was a sign of their close relationship.