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Movie Review : Mama Mascheendra

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   6 Oct 2023 10:37 AM GMT
Movie Review : Mama Mascheendra

'Mama Mascheendra' Movie Review

Cast: Sudheer Babu, Eesha Rebba, Mirnalini Ravi, Harshavardhan, Ali Reza, Rajeev Kanakala, Hari Teja, Ajay, Mirchi Kiran and others

Music: Chaitan Bharadwaj

Background Score: Praveen Lakkaraju

Cinematography: PG Vinda

Producer: Sunil Narang, Puskar Rammohan Rao

Writer - Director: Harshavardhan

Actor and writer Harshavardhan made a name for himself in the film industry. He has now turned into a director and Sudheer Babu became his hero. They made 'Mama Mascheendra' which was postponed a lot of times. However, the promos were highly encouraging and the film finally hit the screens. Let us see how it turned out.


Parasuram (Sudheer Babu) loses his mother in his children. He develops a hatred towards his father who is reason behind his mother's death and his uncle who deceives him. After killing his father and going to jail, he comes out and plans to get revenge on his uncle. He earns his uncle's trust and marries his daughter. After giving birth to a girl, the wife dies and Parasuram's uncle too passes away in that sorrow. Parasuram gets scared that his nephews may try to kill him and tries to end their loves a lot of times. He raises his daughter with fear but she ends up in love with his nephew. Parasuram gets highly scared by it thinking that history might repeat itself. What happens after that forms the rest of the story.


Allari Naresh did a movie named 'Laddu babu'. Hero was showcased as an overweight person and Ravi Babu tried to generate comedy through it. But the attempt to showcase Naresh as an obese man with the help of prosthetics backfired. Leaving the story and screenplay begins, Naresh looked very unnatural and artificial which damaged the feel of the movie. People felt the same way when they watched 'I' movie but it was what the makers wanted too. The movies needs to have a strong content in order to look past the bad makeup. The emotion needs to be very compelling for the audience to stay connected. But trying to showcase the hero in a different makeup just for the sake of it means nothing and the audience won't be impressed by it. 'Mama Mascheendra' faced the same problem as people found it hard to see Sudheer Babu as an obese guy especially when he is known for his fitness. Though Harshavardhan's story idea looks exciting on the paper, it was quite disappointing on the screen.

Though the intention behind showing Sudheer Babu in such a way is justified, the way the character was presented is not impressive at all. The budget constraints too played a big role in Sudheer's getup turning out to be so bad. There are people in theatres who felt that the Durga character needs to go away immediately as soon as he appeared on the screen. Not just that character but Sudheer's Parasuram role and Harshavardhan's character had wigs which looked very unnatural and out of place. There is a genuine feeling of watching a play rather than a feature film looking at the makeup. Eesha Rebba and Mirnalini Ravi are beautiful women but they looked very ordinary on the screen for some reason. It is the appearances of the characters that play as a huge roadblock for 'Mama Mascheendra'. Though there is some content in the movie, people expect a lot from director Harshavardhan regarding the thrill factor. But the movie pales down after some sparkles in the beginning. 'Mama Mascheendra' goes on without a proper destination and the impression gets completely lost after looking at some silly scenes.

There are some illogical and subpar scenes that makes you question the taste of the writer-director Harshavardhan. It is better if we don't talk about the fuss created by a character named Ram Gopal Varma on the screen. There are a lot of such silly scenes in the movie. There is not even a single scene that impresses you in the first half after the initial 15 minutes. A few scenes in the second half raises our interest but things quickly turn predictable and the audience wait for the happy ending. The movie gets dragged for another 15 minutes which tests the patience of the audience. The movie shifts from a revenge thriller to a triangle love story and other genres get mixed up too. The movie finally ends and the audience will have a huge sigh of relief. The movie ends up as a purposeless venture despite an exciting story on the paper.


Sudheer Babu did very well to show variations in all three characters. The prosthetic make up used for one of the characters looked very odd and makes you uncomfortable whenever it is seen on the screen. The artificial look dampened his performance in that role. Sudheer was decent in the other two roles. He excelled in showcasing the negative shade in Parasuram's character. He went crazy in the DJ role and flexed his six-pack abs whenever it is possible. Director Harsha did a key role. Though his acting is very good, his getup did not suit him at all. The screen presence of Eesha Rebba and Mirnalini Ravi is not appealing enough. Their acting is strictly okay and Ajay is decent. Hari Teja overacted while Rajeev Kanakala did an ordinary role. The rest of the cast did well.


'Mama Mascheendra' falls short on the technical front as well. Chaitan Bharadwaj's songs are just okay as not one track can be remembered after the movie. Praveen's background score is also quite ordinary. PG Vinda's cinematography is fine while the production values are quite low. We get a feeling that it is a low-quality product right from the start. Sudheer's makeup for Durga character shows how they have compromised on the budget. One gets shocked to hear that Sunil Narang produced this movie. Harshavardhan worked hard in the writing department but his direction lacked clarity. The way he started the movie and ended it has no connection. People don't understand what he wants to say after a point. He mixed a lot of genres and faltered a lot. Harshavardhan disappoints as a director.

Verdict: 'Mama Mascheendra' - A Lot Of Confusion & Chaos!

Rating: 1.75/5

Disclaimer : This Review is Just An Opinion of One Person. Please Do Not Judge The Movie Based On This Review And Watch Movie in Theater