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Kota Bommali PS shows harsh realities about the System: Teja Marni

Directed Teja Marni who made movies like 'Johaar' and 'Arjuna Phalguna' has handled the megaphone for this project that was produced under 'GA2 Pictures' banner.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   23 Nov 2023 3:12 PM GMT
Kota Bommali PS shows harsh realities about the System: Teja Marni

Kota Bommali PS directed Teja Marni, the maker behind the critically acclaimed political drama Johaar and the action thriller Arjuna Phalguna, is in the news with the innovative promotions. The film is releasing on November 24th.

He said, “Few stories need to reach people and I believed Kota Bommali PS has that kind of content. What I liked in the story was and it's irony "People in the system getting slaughtered by the same system." This is hard reality that everyone is facing. It's not 100% copy remake, we only took the soul and added our nativity and emotions.”

We made it as packed thriller to give best theatrical experience. In the 2nd half, there are beautiful emotions that everyone will connect. I think everyone should watch the film and coming generation will know how powerful is Vote and it will become reference.

We took lot of care on aesthetics and you can observe that in my previous films too. The drama, locations and all the other elements will give you the feeling of Srikakulam setup. We shot the film in Naxals area and transportation was very tough in few locations. The outdoor schedule was very tough for the entire team.

The film doesn't any relation with current political situations in both Telugu states. There are few harsh realities about the system which are still relevant to the political situations. We wanted to tell "How people are corrupted and the system?" And this is the main point of our story. There's no political agends in Kota Bommali PS.

I don't agree the statement "remakes doesn't work." Lot of blockbusters are remakes but due to OTT, the audience got exposure to world cinema. Audience encouraging remakes and they are comparing with the original. We do remakes to tell a good story to more people and if audience comes with fresh perspective without any comparisons they will be engaged till the end.