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Dear Om Raut…Have You Watched 'Hanu-Man'?

The makers spent only 20-25 crores on 'Hanu-Man' but the output of the film is stupendous.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   12 Jan 2024 7:23 AM GMT
Dear Om Raut…Have You Watched Hanu-Man?

Young hero Teja Sajja and talented director Prasanth Varma's superhero flick 'Hanu-Man' gathered blockbuster reports through its premieres. With the target being considerably small, the movie is sure to cross the breakeven mark by the end of this week. With the lion's share of theatres going to 'Guntur Karam', 'Hanu-Man' did not get many theatres but the fantastic reports will definitely bring the audience towards this film.

The makers spent only 20-25 crores on 'Hanu-Man' but the output of the film is stupendous. One might think that the team spent over 100 crores for this project. Many netizens are stating that filmmakers should learn how to obtain such quality visuals with such a limited budget. It should be studied by all industries and this movie will end up as a guide to many makers in the future according to them. Prasanth Varma is being praised endlessly.

The effect of 'Hanu-Man' movie is clearly on Om Raut now. The netizens are having a field day trilling the Bollywood director after watching this superhero movie. They are saying that Om Raut should have watched 'Hanu-Man' before making 'Adipurush' and learn how to get good quality visuals despite the budget constraints. They are saying that Prasanth Varma achieved more with 25 crores compared to what Om Raut did with 600 crores.

People criticised the low quality of visuals in 'Adipurush' right when the trailer got released. The VFX was quite bad according to many and the movie's unit postponed the release in order to rework on the visuals. Despite trying to give better visuals after the backlash, 'Adipurush' ended up as a huge disappointment and people felt that the visuals are resembling video games and nothing more,

There were complaints about the film's dialogues too and there were a lot of controversies as well. Kriti Sanon acted as Sita while Prabhas was lord Ram in the movie. Saif Ali Khan did the role of Ravana and Sunny Singh was seen as Lakshmana. 'Adipurush' which was made on 600 crores failed to get even 400 crores. With 'Hanu-Man' becoming a success, the frustration and anger of Prabhas fans once again got burst out and Om Raut is facing the heat on social media in the form of trolls and memes.