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'Project K': This Is Real Story of 'Kalki'. How Will They Show it?

'Project K': This Is Real Story of 'Kalki'. How Will They Show it?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   22 July 2023 1:27 PM GMT
Project K: This Is Real Story of Kalki. How Will They Show it?

Pan-Indian hero Prabhas is acting in a prestigious project titled 'Kalki 2898 AD'. It was called 'Project K' before but the movie is officially named 'Kalki 2898 AD' and a glimpse was also released recently which impressed each and every one. Apart from the glorious visuals and dramatic sequences, people have a lot of questions regarding the story and the reason behind naming the film 'Kalki'.

Hindu mythology says that lord Vishnu has a lot of avatars and he does each one every yuga in order to kill the evil and save the world. One such avatar is Kalki and many say that he is going to arrive this Yuga. He will be appearing once the mankind loses all humanity and evil takes over the world.

Kalki is expected to arrive from the Shambhala area and he will be born to a Brahmin couple. He holds a sword and arrives on a white horse to kill the bad people and start the Satya Yuga. Pundits claim that Kalki is the name as he kills all the bad in the world. The transcripts say that lord Vishnu said that he will arrive in this world as Kalki when the people lose their way in Kali Yuga.

Lord Vishnu has arrived in nine different avatars till now and Kalki is expected to be his tenth. Interestingly, no one knows where the Shambhala village is. A lot of people tried to find out where this village is and some say that only pure hearts will see this village. The others say that it is located somewhere near the Himalayas. With Nag Ashwin bringing up the topic of 'Kalki' once again, the movie might showcase Prabhas as the savior of humans in the film. Let us wait and see what happens.