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Urfi Javed's Lip Job Goes Wrong, Revealing Shocking Pictures

Popular model Urfi Javed

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   25 July 2023 7:09 AM GMT
Urfi Javeds Lip Job Goes Wrong, Revealing Shocking Pictures

Popular model Urfi Javed has recently made headlines as she candidly revealed the challenges she faced with her lip filler journey. The sensational star has always been open about her struggles and controversies on social media.

Urfi shared a series of pictures documenting her lip filler journey from the age of 18 when she desired fuller lips. Due to financial constraints, she initially opted for cheaper options, leading to undesirable results. Consequently, she had to endure the painful process of getting them dissolved.

Despite her experience, Urfi doesn't discourage people from exploring beauty enhancements. Instead, she advocates for caution and thorough research before choosing a practitioner. She emphasized the importance of finding a reputable doctor for such procedures.

In her heartfelt message, Urfi clarified that she still believes in the potential of fillers, recommending them to those with insecurities about their appearance. According to her, opting for fillers or surgeries can be a positive way to address self-image concerns, but she stressed the significance of consulting a highly skilled and qualified professional.

Urfi's story serves as a cautionary tale and a message of empowerment. By sharing her own journey, she hopes to encourage others to make informed decisions when it comes to beauty procedures. In her view, less is more and knowing what suits one's face is key to achieving satisfying results. Ultimately, Urfi advocates for self-love and acceptance while responsibly exploring options to enhance one's features.