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190 Cyber Groups To Attack India: Who Told The Shocking News?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   2 Jun 2023 11:56 AM GMT
190 Cyber Groups To Attack India: Who Told The Shocking News?
Times have changed and the way wars are done also changed. It is wrong to think that war is only about attacks, killings, blood, and property loss. Attacking without anyone noticing and severely damaging the system and causing massive financial loss is also a part of the war. Sometimes there would be no link between the attackers and the target. Even small things would also be reasons for cyber attacks. As a big example of this, international firm Cyber No announced shocking news.

As the Russia-Ukraine war is going on the cyber attackers groups became active and are fighting for the nations they support and are targeting the opponent nation. The victims are facing massive losses. As per the observations of the group, around 190 cyber groups have warned the nations. Cyber No firm said that around 160 groups are focusing on India alone. Seeing which country India will support, groups would target the other nation. India is having a neutral stand.

With this, hackers are said to have become silent. It is said that 80 out of 160 hacking groups are supporting Russia and hackers are showing their power by targeting the opponents actively. A few groups like- Anonymous Sudan, Hacktivist Russia, Dragon Force Malaysia, and a few others are active. Besides India, a few other developing nations are also their target.

It is said that a few hacking groups targeted India after Nupur Sharma made some objectionable comments. While a few government sites were targeted, it is said that Interpol's support was sought. Two groups Dragon Force Malaysia, and Hactivist Indonesia worked against India.

Organisers of the two teams urged the hackers from a certain community to take part in the attacks against the comments made by Nupur Sharma. It is said that the two groups attacked 2,000 websites and also influenced others to come forward for this. They received the required information from Darkweb. Some others took the help of social media for this.

To face such situations, the importance of cyber security and the budget has to be increased. There is a need to set up a strong fiber wall system. The attackers make the servers of targeted websites go down by bringing lakhs of hits so that the websites will get overburdened. This tells us that the way the war happens changed and we should also be ready for this.