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This Country Becomes 1st In The World To Hold Sex Championship!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   1 Jun 2023 12:31 PM GMT
This Country Becomes 1st In The World To Hold Sex Championship!
Sweden is not like any other country and it is special in many ways. Known for its nature of equality, Sweden is playing a big part in saving nature as it imports waste and recycles them. The majority of the area in Sweden is covered by thick forests and the country has a big hotel made out of ice.

Now the nation added another feather to its cap by becoming the first nation to recognize Sex as a sport. Not stopping there, the nation also planned a championship for sex as a sport and there are various segments in the championship.

The Championship will be conducted for a few weeks starting June 8, 2023. Gothenburg, Sweden will host the championship, and participants from different European nations would take part in the championship and try their luck to win the championship.

Though holding a championship in sex is the first time, winning the title is not that easy as the participants should take part in different segments. There are as many as 16 segments in the championship and every segment will get some points and the jury will give the marks.

Participants will be given marks based on their performance in every segment and those who can score the highest marks and impresses the jury members will be declared winner. The winners have the opportunity of scripting history by becoming the first winner of the sex championship.

The Swedish Federation of Sex is taking care of the Championship and is holding the event. The chief of the body said that sex has many plus points as it can boost mental and physical health and this needs to be supported. The body also said that having training and experience would be an advantage for the participants.

Aspects like the most active couple and the beautiful poses they give in the competition and penetration would be counted. Based on their performances the participants will be given marks and the winner will be declared at the last. Artistic performance, Creativity in Change of Position, Increased blood pressure, and heart rate during the competition will also be calculated and given marks.