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Police Also Turn Into Rapists!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   16 Feb 2020 8:24 AM GMT
Police Also Turn Into Rapists!
Delhi, Telangana people got shocking wake up calls when Nirbhaya and Disha incidents happened in front of their eyes. Many wanted to say that world is not filled with rapists and criminals to women, young girls.

But before anyone can say that women can start trusting at least Police, if not everyone, an incident in UP came to light.

When films and psychological counsellors are telling that when women even if they are living as prostitutes, they should be respected and when they say "No", that should be heard, justly treated, police have turned a blind eye to all those articles and a deaf ear to all those pleas.

Two UP police constables stopped a young woman, whose age is 24 on a lonely road at night and asked her if she is a prostitute.

She protested and said that she was a tuition teacher and her mother was also supposed to travel with her but she started late from her elder sister's house. But those constables turned a deaf ear to her pleas and protests.

They took to a lonely place near their police station by force and raped her. They mercifully gave her Rs. 600/- and officially treated her as a prostitute.

The young woman reached her home devastated and narrated the incident to her parents. They filed case on the constables and UP Police are investigating this incident.

Well, when police constables themselves cannot keep "it" in their pants and treat a woman with respect, how will women feel protected and safe to travel alone at nights? We have no answers, if you can find some, please do!